VIDEO: ‘The New Mutants’: First Two Minutes of Film Revealed Ahead of (Fingers Crossed) August Release Date

“The New Mutants” panel at Comic Con @ Home revealed the first two minutes of the long awaited release of this film, which is supposedly landing in theaters in August…

Even the cast and crew behind “The New Mutants” has started to embrace the insanity surrounding the release date of this long gestating movie.

The final film from the FOX era of X-Men movies is still scheduled for release on August 28 after being pushed back numerous times. In fact, “The New Mutants” was originally supposed to drop all the way back in February 2019 and now more than a year later, the movie will hopefully find its way into theaters later this year.

As a teaser to lure fans to see “The New Mutants,” the first two minutes of the film debuted during the Comic Con @ Home panel, which also included most of the cast along with director Josh Boone.

The problems plaguing “The New Mutants” first started with a series of reshoots back in 2018 and then FOX sold the majority of its assets to Disney, which further delayed the release of the movie. With Marvel Studios now taking over ownership of all the X-Men characters, “The New Mutants” was essentially lost in purgatory as the final film from the FOX era with no real relation to any future projects that will be produced by Kevin Feige and his team.

After a long time waiting, it appears “The New Mutants” will finally be seen by audience in August but for now take a look at the full Comic Con Panel below as well as the first two minutes from the film above.

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