Westworld: Epic Trailer Arrives Teasing ‘It’s Us or Them’ in Season 2 (VIDEO)

The epic new Westworld season 2 trailer has arrived with a much deeper look at what lies ahead in the war between robot and mankind…
“You frighten me sometimes, Dolores.”
“Why on Earth would you ever be frightened of me?”

Those are the ominous words that close out the Westworld season 2 trailer that dropped on Thursday ahead of the show’s return on Sunday night, April 22 on HBO.

The conversation between Bernard/Arnold and Dolores goes to the heart of the second season of Westworld, which will see the hosts rise up against their oppressors — mankind. From the look of things, Dolores has launched her attack against humanity while Delos, the company that started Westworld, has sent in the troops to squash the uprising before it really starts.

Meanwhile, Maeve is on a mission to find her daughter so she’s kidnapped park narrative programmer Lee Sizemore in an attempt to be reunited with her child.

The Man is Black also makes a rather frightening appearance in a few moments during this trailer including a flashback that sees a younger William with Dolores from the past. The Man in Black also promises to ‘burn this whole thing to the ground’ as it appears he’s seeking vengeance after catching a bullet in the arm at the end of last season after he got his wish when the park turned from playful to reality.

Set to a remade track of Nirvana’s classic song ‘Heart Shaped Box’, the Westworld season 2 trailer offers the first real look at what lies ahead when the show returns on April 22.

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