Westworld Season 2 Poster Teases an Ominous Future For Humanity Against the Hosts

The official poster for Westworld season 2 has arrived and it’s a rather chilling harbinger for what’s to come when humans go up against hosts…

The tease for guests arriving at Westworld has always been ‘live without limits’ but now that phrase has a whole new meaning.

When Westworld season 2 returns on HBO on Sunday night, April 22, the hosts are waking up to become self aware and that puts them at odds with the humans who are entering the park under the pretense that anything goes and no one gets hurt.

At the end of last season when Dolores finally became self-aware, she killed park founder Dr. Robert Ford before opening fire on a crowd of investors there for the Delos Corporation and she even managed to ding her old nemesis William aka the Man in Black.

Now the new Westworld season 2 poster has arrived and the tagline reads ‘chaos takes control’, which is obviously a hint at the robot uprising taking place inside the park. Not only was Dolores rising up against her human oppressors but Maeve was seconds away from escaping the park when she decided to turn around and go back.

The poster shows a mechanical vulture standing over a black hat with blood all around it.

Now that black hat looks exactly like the one The Man in Black wears inside the park, which makes you wonder if Ed Harris’ character is in mortal danger at some point during Westworld season 2.

Check out the poster and get ready for Westworld season 2 on April 22 and if you need to catch up on the past season don’t forget to check out our archive of Westworld recaps.

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