‘Westworld’ Season 2 Will See Several Missing Characters Return

‘Westworld’ may have looked like a bloodbath at the end of season one but it turns out several characters thought missing or dead are coming back for season 2…

In ‘Westworld’, you’re not dead until you’re really, really dead.

With the second season of the highly acclaimed drama set to debut on HBO on Sunday night, April 22, the show runners behind the series have revealed that several characters either missing or thought dead at the end of season one would be returning for season two.

Now not everybody is coming back — Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) really is dead after he took a bullet from Delores in the season finale but a younger version of the character played by a different actor will pop up in flashback scenes during season 2.

As for the rest of the characters coming back, take a look:

William/The Man in Black

While The Man in Black got shot in the arm during the season finale, he will still play a major role in season 2 with a new mission inside the park as the hosts are looking to take over. He did suffer some ‘damage’ according to actor Ed Harris, who plays the ominous park regular, but don’t expect him to go anywhere in season 2.

Also look for the younger version of William (played by Jimmi Simpson) to return during ‘Westworld’ season 2 as we’ll begin to see his transformation into the Man in Black and how he gained so much influence over the Delos Corporation. Remember, William was originally marrying into the family that owned Delos but it appeared by present day that he was the man in charge. How did he get there? We’ll find out more about that this season.

Elsie Hughes and Ashley Stubbs

Elsie, the programmer who was attempting to help Bernard uncover the secrets that were being looted from inside Westworld, and security chief Ashley Stubbs will both be back for season 2, but they won’t be in a very good position. When last we saw Stubbs, he was going out searching for Elsie when he was surrounded by a pack of Native Americans who weren’t backing down despite his commands. According to co-show runner Lisa Joy, Elsie and Stubbs will both be inside the park this season while figuring out what the guests experience — except without all those safety parameters.

“They’re finally getting to experience Westworld as guests and not in the managerial halls, but I’m not sure they’re enjoying their experience,” Joy said.

Charlotte Hale

The Delos power broker will return with an agenda this season but she’s in a much different spot when ‘Westworld’ season 2 returns. It seems Charlotte is left at the mercy of the hosts after Dr. Robert Ford trumped her attempt at a takeover.

Lee Sizemore

Westworld’s resident head writer is usually the one creative the narratives for the guests in the park, but now he’s become part of the game after Maeve takes him hostage at the start of season 2. The tables are turned on Lee after he used the hosts as toys for all of his wildest fantasies and now he’s no longer in control.

Peter Abernathy

The twitchy host who was Delores’ father when ‘Westworld’ started was put into cold storage and then revived when Charlotte Hale attempted to use him to smuggle information out of the park. Abernathy was supposed to get on the train headed out of Westworld but it seems he still plays a major part in season 2.

Clementine Pennyfeather

After she was de-commissioned and effectively lobotomized during season one, former brothel worker Clementine was revived in the season finale with a new purpose in mind. There’s no word on how Clementine will play into the robot uprising but it’s clear she will have some sort of role.


We also know that Logan, the smarmy brother-in-law to be to William, will be back in some capacity in season 2. When last we saw Logan, he was being strapped naked to a horse and sent off into the deepest parts of the park by William as he began his transformation into ‘The Man in Black’ but we will see him return this season.


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