‘Westworld’ Season 3 Trailer Teases Showdown Between Dolores and Maeve (VIDEO)

“Westworld” will make its long awaited return for season 3 on HBO on March 15 and the new trailer has arrived teasing a whole new war…

When “Westworld” season 2 ended, Dolores and Bernard had escaped the confines of the park, Maeve had been shot dead and it appeared that general chaos was headed our way with the hosts seeking revenge on the humans who tortured them for so many years. If you need a reminder, here’s our recap for the season 2 finale.

Now we’ve finally gotten a better look at “Westworld” season 3 in a new trailer that was released on Thursday by HBO.

Judging by the footage just revealed, Dolores is still plotting her ultimate vengeance against humanity while teaming up with a new friend named Caleb — played by “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul.

Paul joined the cast as a series regular and it appears he will be playing a major part in whatever plans Dolores is cooking up now that she’s broken free of the confines of the park.

Meanwhile back in some version of Westworld, Maeve has been resurrected but she’s being tasked by her new overlord (played by Vincent Cassel) to track down Dolores and kill her. By the end of the trailer — set to an instrumental version of Guns-N-Roses classic tune “Sweet Child O’ Mine” — we see that Maeve has tracked down Dolores on the outside world and a hell of a fight is about to break out.

There’s also an interesting interaction between Dolores and The Man In Black aka William aka Ed Harris, after he failed to stop her at the end of “Westworld” season 2. It was later revealed that William had been trapped in some kind of forever loop after his consciousness was transferred into a host but there’s no telling where that story will go once season 3 begins.

It’s all a bit mind-melting but that pretty much defines “Westworld.”

Check out the new trailer and get ready for the return of the series on March 15 with full recaps coming to NerdcoreMovement.com!

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