‘Westworld’: Secret Season 3 Trailer Teases Relationship Between Dolores and Aaron Paul’s Character (VIDEO)

A secret “Westworld” season 3 trailer looks almost like a romantic comedy between Evan Rachel Wood and Aaron Paul’s characters…

It’s hard to imagine “Westworld” as a romantic comedy but that’s sort of what a new secret trailer for season 3 looks like while teasing the upcoming relationship between Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Caleb (Aaron Paul).

Paul joins the cast after his Emmy winning performance on “Breaking Bad” as “Westworld” shifts away from the theme park where the past two seasons have been set after Dolores made her escape. Now that she’s out in the “real world,” Dolores has ambitious plans to teach humanity a lesson and she apparently requires help from Caleb to do it.

There’s very little known about this upcoming season as the creators behind “Westworld” love a good mystery but it’s clear Dolores has a grudge to settle now that the shackles have been pulled off and she’s been set free into the real world to create her own special brand of havoc.

Take a look at the new secret trailer for “Westworld” season 3 and get ready for the show to return on Sunday night, March 15 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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