‘Wonder Woman 2’: Kristen Wiig In Talks to Play Villain in Upcoming Sequel

Actress Kristen Wiig is reportedly the top choice to play the villain in ‘Wonder Woman 2’ starring Gal Gadot…

Wonder Woman may have found a new foe

Kristen Wiig — best known for her roles in ‘Bridesmaids’ as well as the recent ‘Ghostbusters’ remake — has been pegged as the top choice to play the villain in the upcoming ‘Wonder Woman 2’ sequel directed by Patty Jenkins.

Wiig is reportedly in talks with Warner Bros. to take the starring role where she would play Cheetah, one of Wonder Woman’s greatest enemies from the comic books.

Jenkins is coming back to direct the sequel following the massive success of ‘Wonder Woman’ in 2017 with Gal Gadot also set to return as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.

In the comics there have been numerous origin stories for the character called Cheetah, but the most recognizable one is that Barbara Ann Minerva is an ambitious archeologist who ends up on a dig in Africa, searching for a lost city. After her team is slaughtered in an ambush, Minerva ends up stumbling onto an ancient ritual of the Cheetah god and she ends up being possessed by the deity rather than the woman intended to imbibe the spirit. Minerva then possesses great powers of the Cheetah god while still maintaining her human form at other times.

Obviously, the origin story for ‘Wonder Woman 2’ could change dramatically from the version in the comic books.

What we do know about ‘Wonder Woman 2’ is the movie is expected to take place in the 1980’s in the midst of the Cold War with Diana Prince lending her hand to help humanity again after fighting during World War I.

‘Wonder Woman 2’ will land in theaters on November 1, 2019.

H/T: Deadline

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