‘World War Z’ Sequel Halted Ahead of Production, May Be Shelved Indefinitely

The sequel to ‘World War Z’ was supposed to go into production later this year but now the zombie movie has been halted all together…

‘World War Z’ may have been a surprise hit for Paramount back in 2013 but the sequel that was supposed to start production this year has just been halted and may be shelved indefinitely.

This week, Paramount officially hit the brakes on the ‘World War Z’ sequel that was set to be directed by David Fincher.

While details remains sketchy about the reason behind the production being scrapped, it appears budgetary issues may have been at the root of the problem. The original ‘World War Z’ movie — based very loosely on a book of the same name by Max Brooks — ran into similar problems and it appeared at one point that the film starring Brad Pitt was going to end up as a financial disaster for the studio.

Instead, ‘World War Z’ ended up as a surprise blockbuster with more than $450 million earned at the box office and a sequel was almost immediately ordered

Now it seems the love affair between Paramount and ‘World War Z’ has ended with the production on the movie stalled and there’s no word yet if the studio will put the project back into development or just scrap it all together.

H/T: The Hollywood Reporter

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