‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Trailer: Josh Holloway Arrives, New Threats Loom for the Dutton Family (VIDEO)

The new full length trailer for “Yellowstone” season 3 has arrived as the Dutton family faces off with all new threats including an ambitious land developer…

“You are the trailer park, I am the tornado”

It’s hard to sum up Beth Dutton any better than that line from the first full length trailer from “Yellowstone” season 3, which debuts on the Paramount Network on its new night on Sunday, June 21.

Last season saw the Duttons go up against a pair of brothers, who aimed to crush them along with their neighbors at the local Native American reservation as well as land developer Dan Jenkins. The end result was a bloody trail of bodies left in the wake of the war as well as John Dutton’s grandson being kidnapped before he was finally retrieved in the last episode.

Now as “Yellowstone” season 3 returns, the Dutton family will be facing off with a whole new set of threats including the arrival of a new character played by “Lost” star Josh Holloway. This season will see another land developer come to Wyoming with the intention of building an airport and then expanding out from there, which obviously puts them at odds with the Dutton family as the largest land owners in the state.

It appears a new threat will also hit closer to home with another ranch and possibly even a motorcycle gang getting entangled with the ranch’s business.

And let’s not forget the Dutton children including Beth, who grew closer with Rip last season than ever before as well as Jamie, who returned to his father’s side and found out that he’s about to welcome a child to this world as well. Of course, Kayce will be dealing with the fallout from his son being kidnapped and the torment the boy endured before he was rescued.

Check out the new trailer for “Yellowstone” season 3 and get ready for the show to return on Sunday night, June 21 on the Paramount Network.

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