Zack Snyder Returns to His Roots to Direct Zombie Action Flick ‘Army of the Dead’ for Netflix

Zack Snyder is getting back in the director’s chair while returning to a familiar subject matter with a zombie action movie called ‘Army of the Dead’…

Long before Zack Snyder was known as the architect behind the DC film universe, he got his start in Hollywood by directing the 2004 remake of zombie classic ‘Dawn of the Dead’, loosely based on the original film by George Romero.

Now Snyder will return to his roots to direct ‘Army of the Dead’ — a zombie action heist movie for Netflix.

Snyder came up with the story for ‘Army of the Dead’ with a script by Joby Harold that takes place during the middle of a zombie outbreak when a group of mercenaries and outlaws team up to travel into a quarantined zone to attempt to pull off the biggest heist in history.

Netflix is producing the movie with the budget reportedly soaring to a potential $90 million price tag with Snyder directing and production set to kick off later this year.

“There are no handcuffs on me at all with this one,” Snyder told The Hollywood Reporter about his new project.
“I thought this was a good palate cleanser to really dig in with both hands and make something fun and epic and crazy and bonkers in the best possible way.”

Snyder has largely been out of the spotlight after dropping out of directing ‘Justice League’ following the tragic suicide of his daughter. Joss Whedon ended up finishing production on that film and Snyder focused on his family in the aftermath of his daughter’s death.

Now the former ‘Watchmen’ and ‘300’ director is returning for a fun and wild project that he really seems enthusiastic to get his hands on right away.

There’s no word on when ‘Army of the Dead’ could land on Netflix but it sounds like the film is on the fast track with production likely starting this summer.

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