Apple Releases New Operating System, iPad Air and New iPad Mini

Fans of Apple products can rejoice with a huge new list of toys being released by the company including a new operating system that’s free…

Apple unveiled its newest list of products on Tuesday with the iPad Air leading the way along with a new operating system called Mavericks that is free for all Mac users to download.

The iPad Air is the fifth generation table released by Apple and the differences in this one bring about the change in name. The iPad Air will weight just 1 pound, down from the previous 1.4 pounds while also being 20-percent thinner and 28-percent lighter from the current iPad on the market.

The screen size will stay the same at 9.7 inches with a new A7 processing chip that is similar in the iPhone 5S making it a whopping 72 times faster than the first generation iPad.

The iPad air will go on sale November 1 with the base price starting at $499 for 16 GB WiFi only all the way to $629 for the 16GB with 4G LTE capability.

There will also be a new iPad mini on the market in November as well starting at $399 with a retina display and the A7 processor just like the bigger iPads. The older iPad mini will remain for sale at $299 while the iPad 2 will cost $399.

Another major announcement by Apple on Tuesday was the release of the new operating system called Mavericks with one major change from past OS releases — this one is free.

Yep, Mac users can go to the Mac App Store right now and download Mavericks for free to upgrade their current operating system to the new one. Apple has never profited much from the sales of past operating systems, and it seems this is an attempt to force Windows into a similar move given their need to charge for the upgrades in their operating system.

There were also new Macbook Pro and Macbook Air models released on Tuesday with typical upgrades like better graphics and battery life while also now offering the Mac iLife and iWork programs being offered for free with the new laptop purchase.

The final reveal on Tuesday introduced the new Mac Pro desktop computer that will retail for $2999 that will be released before the end of 2013. The new computer is aimed at high end graphics and video editing more than the casual user.

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