Banshee Recap Season 3 Episode 7 “You Can’t Hide From The Dead”

In this week’s Banshee recap, Hood and company stage the heist on Camp Genoa and Carrie and Gordon conduct an unorthodox intervention with Deva.

By Michael Stets — Staff Writer

It turns out Hood isn’t the only one affected by the death of Siobhan. The man who killed her, Chayton Littlestone has also been disturbed and haunted by visions of the deceased Banshee Deputy. Chayton has found temporary harbor in a horse barn after successfully fleeing from Hood and the FBI raid on the Kinaho Reservation last episode. The Redbones leader is clearly suffering from exhaustion and the gun shot wound to his shoulder.

“You can’t hide from the dead,” opens with a parallel drawn between Hood tossing and turning thinking about Siobhan as he sleeps at her trailer and Chayton laying on a bail of hay in the barn seeing Siobhan standing before him.

Chayton manages to coerce the owner of the barn, a middle-aged widow named Lisa to help him with his wounds. Coerce, meaning he threatened to kill her. She tends to his wounds and even strikes up some conversation with the ever-dangerous criminal, offering him her dead husband’s truck that she no longer uses. Things are going ok until a neighbor drops by unannounced to invite her to dinner. She tries in vain to not reveal something is wrong while telling the neighbor she won’t be coming, but he notices her strange behavior, on top of seeing the bloody bandages on the ground inside the barn.

“You can’t hide from the dead.”–Chayton tells Lisa

Before he can even ask another question, Chayton comes around the corner and does his best Jason Voorhes imitation, burying a pitchfork right through the dude’s torso. He follows that up with a finishing blow through his back as Lisa stares on in horror, shock and disbelief. Chayton leaves the next day with the truck, the camera peaks into the barn to reveal he has killed Lisa also, because that’s what Chayton does, kill people, even if they nurse him back to health.

Hood is working a tree outside like a makiwura. He hits it with punches, kicks and then sharpens up his knife techniques. This is clearly to get ready for when he finally collides with Chayton once again. The Sheriff gets an unexpected visit from Deputy Aimee King from the Kinaho Police Department. She tells him she knows a criminal informant who can find out Chayton’s whereabouts and also that she should’ve taken the shot when she had it last week. Hood tells her he understands she couldn’t just erase all the history she had with Chayton with one pull of the trigger and offers to give her the money for the informant, whatever the cost may be.

“Hood, I should’ve pulled the trigger while I had the chance.”–Deputy Aimee King tells Hood

Rebecca sets up a meeting with Hector Morales, the leader of the Salvadoran gang. With the arrangement that Proctor made with Frasier in last week’s episode, Frasier would receive the MDMA from Proctor, but the Salvadoran’s would be cut off because they are a rival of Frasier and the Black Beard gang. Rebecca, of course, didn’t set it up that way when she first met up with Frasier, without her Uncle’s knowledge, but Proctor had an additional meeting to set things right with him, much to the dislike of Rebecca.

Rebecca makes a deal with Hector and says she will personally sell two kilos of MDMA to the Salvadoran’s for $6,000 a piece. Hector agrees, but warns her if he gets screwed on the deal, he will cut her into pieces. Once again, Rebecca is acting emotionally and getting into situations that are way above her and out of her league. This deal could put her Uncle in a really bad spot, not to mention it could potentially get her killed.

Job has already expressed deep concern for Hood’s mental status and when his friend arrives home at the trailer, he is sitting inside waiting for him (wearing a “Paws” shirt, a hilarious spoof on Jaws). He tells him he wants to delay the heist at Camp Genoa because he feels Hood is just too distracted and it may get all of them caught. Hood tells him it’s now or never and they have to do that night. Job is worried and he has every reason to be. The expert computer hacker also voiced his concern to Sugar, who, of course, tells him he worries too much.

The internal strife is very deep within the group this season. Job obviously has a long and storied history with both Carrie and Hood. He loves them, but he has also seen Hood go away for 15 years. He doesn’t want to see him go back, or anyone else go to prison because Hood isn’t ready for the heist. Job knows Hood wants to go ahead with the job and that he really needs it, but Job doesn’t want to placate his friend at the risk of everyone else’s well being.

“I have seen every side of you there is: reckless, dumb, and especially stubborn, but I ain’t never seen this.You are in the deep end. If you don’t keep your head above water you are going to drag the rest of us there with you.”–Job tells Hood

Deva’s friend Beady has soured on hanging out with the strange new crowd after being turned off by their deranged version of fight club with cattle prods in an empty in-ground pool. Beady phones Carrie to tell her she is concerned for Deva and where she is. This of course, leads to Carrie and Gordon showing up at her new beau, Charlie’s house. Deva refuses to leave, and from there things get ugly. Gordon kicks the crap out of Charlie, while Carrie beats up three of the other cronies, before dragging her daughter out of the house. It was definitely a unique take on family intervention.


Later on, Gordon and Carrie are back at her house and after talking for a little while, Gordon nails his former flame right on the kitchen counter. They still have a connection amidst all the chaos they have been through and heartache Carrie has caused him and Deva with her criminal past coming to light. Gordon heads home soon after the tryst at his former residence.

Proctor–who is clearly distracted by the death of his mother and his new burgeoning relationship with Emily Lotus, shows up for Amish prayer much to the shock of his father. Normally his father would’ve forbade him from attending, but he seems to have softened his stance on his son and welcomes him among the others. Later on in the episode, Proctor and Emily have dinner together. Emily gets inquisitive about how long Rebecca is staying at his house.

This is manipulation at its finest. The older woman is clearly threatened and insecure about his niece’s presence at the house and in his life. Proctor says how he took her in because she was troubled and how she will be on her own very soon. Look for this story angle to heat up soon as Proctor’s house and life are not big enough for the two of them.

Finally, after weeks of meticulous planning–with much of the preparation done by Job and his computer-hacking skills–the crew meet up at The Forge to ship off and attempt the daring heist at Camp Genoa.

This wasn’t just a simple shoot and edit of a robbery for this particular episode. Oh no, that’s not how the show runners do things for Banshee. Greg Yaitanes went all out for his direction in every stage of the heist. Each actor/actress had head cams strapped to them, which turned them into moving directors of photography. So, not only did you have the normal camera shots, but you had four other individual views of what was going down. Sugar in the truck, Carrie working the safe, Job working the computers and Hood running point and looking out for each of them while they work.

Everything goes to plan in the beginning. They take off the metal door which leads underground Camp Genoa with a winch hooked up to their truck, and head through the tunnel and up above ground. They make it over to the armory building which holds the safe undetected. Job uses the handprint of Colonel Stowe and the voice recognition decoder and the trio get inside the armory like clockwork. Sugar works the cameras perfectly and uses cover cams thatJob prepared to put different areas on loop in case anyone on base is watching.

Suddenly, Hood’s mind starts wandering and he starts having flashbacks and visions of Siobhan. As this is happening he doesn’t see one of the mercenaries sneak up on Job and attack him while he is handling the computers to breach security on the safe. Sugar tries to alert Carrie, but she cannot leave the safe due to time constraints. Finally, Hood snaps out of it and takes out the Marine before he compromises the job and Job. Job is clearly pissed off, especially since he was worried that something like this would happen.

While the crew starts bagging all the cash, Colonel Stowe arrives on base and can’t get access into the armory. He heads in to speak with the resident IT specialist and when he is informed it says he has already entered the building he realizes they are being robbed. Stowe orders a team to the armory and they successfully reset the code to gain access back into the building. Now that the code is reset, Job can longer gain access for all of them to exit. Carrie shoots the lock mechanism and they are able open the door to get out. They make a break for the tunnel back to the truck, while being chased and shot at.

This leads to a fast-paced, nerve-wracking and intense race for the crew to get back to their truck–where Sugar is waiting for them–unscathed and out of harm’s way from a fast-approaching Colonel Stowe and his small army who are hot on their tail. Carrie and Job make it up the ladder and out of the manhole opening into the truck, along with all the bags of money while Hood is behind them fending off Stowe and the other Marines.

Stowe catches up to Hood and the two go at it. Hood gets the upper hand and blasts him with his shotgun, but Stowe is wearing a bullet-proof vest and just keeps coming like the Terminator. Hood makes it up into the truck, but so does Stowe. Carry, Job and Hood all struggle to get rid of him until Job finally connects on a kick that sends the Colonel out the back of the truck. They head back to The Forge without saying a word to one another.

“Is everybody back there breathing?”–Sugar asks Hood, Carrie and Job after they get Stowe out of the truck and escape Camp Genoa.

Once the four of them get back, the silence continues. Sugar grabs some bourbon and starts pouring, suggesting it should be a celebration because they pulled the job off. He sees the mood isn’t positive and asks what is going on. Hood admits he got distracted and Job starts laying into him. The Sheriff tells him to stop and leaves the bar. Once again, he has a vision of Siobhan as he walks out.

Tension is now at an all-time high between Hood and Job. Hood knows he could’ve got his friend killed and messed up the heist, but he clearly isn’t in the mood to be chastised for it at this point, since they made it out in one piece with all the money. He is still grieving the loss of Siobhan and he will for a very long time. This could end up being the last score the crew takes. It’s a lot of money and they don’t need to put themselves at risk like that again. However, they are going to have to deal with Stowe at some point if he figures out who ripped him off. You better believe he’s going to shake a few trees around Banshee to find some answers.

Back at the Cadi, Brock finally gets a hold of Emily after trying to call her several times. He keeps pleading with her to get away from Proctor, but she doesn’t want to hear it and hangs up on him.

Kinaho Deputy Aimee King stops by to talk to Hood about Chayton’s whereabouts. After refusing Hood’s money, she informs him Chayton is heading to Louisiana to meet up with a gang of outcasts called the 18th Ward. Hood tells her he will do what she couldn’t (kill Chayton). The Kinaho Deputy says that Chayton must be put down but she just can’t be there to see it happen. Hood asks Brock to cover for him, but the Deputy has been listening the whole time and tells him he is going with him to Louisiana.

It Looks like Hood and Chayton are going to square off in that underground fighting ring that we’ve seen the Redbones gang leader compete in during last season, which previews have already alluded to. Or they may handle their business on the streets of New Orleans perhaps. In any event, it’s going to get bloody fairly quickly. With Hood and Brock heading out of town, that leaves Deputy Bunker in charge of the Banshee Police Department. Let that sink in for a minute. Stowe will out for revenge, Hood and Brock will be out of town in search of Chayton and there are only three episodes left.


In the post-credits scene, Stowe is talking to himself and flipping out over Camp Genoa getting robbed. We already know he isn’t wrapped too tight, now he will be over the edge.


The song playing during the credits is called “Girls in Bossier City” by Papa Mali featuring Robb Kidd.

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