‘Banshee’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: “Evil for Evil”

Sheriff Hood arrests Proctor, Carrie and Job nearly get caught during a robbery, Deputy Yawners wife is attacked by Matt Sharp and his fellow skinheads, Hood seeks Alex Longshadow as an ally and Job narrows his search on Rabbits location…

Episode 8 opens with the sound of an alarm as both Job and Carrie are trying to escape a warehouse they broke into to rob. Turns out Carries need to secure funds for her son Max’s health coverage was enough to convince Job on a side job only involving the two of them. During their escape, they run straight into Sheriff Hood—who was on duty along with Lotus and Yawners—and instantly put in a very awkward and difficult position. After his initial shock of seeing them, his loyalty runs deeper than the BSD, so he sends them on their way right before Lotus and Yawners catch up. After Hood tells Lotus that he didn’t see anyone, the deputy asserts the robbers were headed straight toward where he was. Lotus is already suspicious of Hood as it is, and this stunt by Job and Carrie surely won’t help matters.

Back at The Forge, Hood chastises Job and Carrie on how they are supposed to do things together and how stupid it was they didn’t let him know what they were up to. Carrie reveals the money is for Max before storming off. It is rather odd that they wouldn’t seek out Hood before attempting a robbery in the town he is Sheriff in, so we will file this under the “characters do the dumbest things” category.

“You know there is a saying in the restaurant business, don’t buy your meat where you buy your bread and butter.”—Sugar tells Hood

At The Savoy Gentlemen’s club—which by the way is getting play pretty much every week now—Proctor is basically shaking down Alex Longshadow and what his cut will be from the Casino. After that meeting, Clay gives him the bad news on their drug warehouse being blown up. Making matters worse, his lackey informs him that due to a hacker commandeering a server and knocking out a power grid (obviously Job) the Slaughterhouse lost power and all the meat was subsequently spoiled. Proctor is aware that Hood is behind it.

During the scene Rebecca is imagining two roles. First she was sitting in the stripper Juliet’s chair and looking at drawings made by her children (“You are the best mom” was a nice touch). Next, after Proctor and Clay left the office, she sits in Proctor’s chair and appears to be wondering what possessing her uncles kind of power must feel like. Proctor shows up at The Forge to question Hood on his latest actions against him including: shutting down The Savoy, blowing up the warehouse and cutting the power to the slaughterhouse, which is the most puzzling to Proctor. Hood treats Proctor exactly the same way he treated him when he went to his house to ask about the missing Jason Hood. The Sheriff is one step ahead of Banshee’s resident crime lord, but you have to figure it won’t be long before Proctor answers back in a very serious manner.

“Are you here to report a crime? Because if not, then I’m busy.”—Hood asks Proctor

Gordon is at home trying to make things right with his daughter Deva, after Max had to be rushed to the hospital due to an asthma attack he wasn’t around for. Deva is still visibly angry, but Gordon is able to talk with her and apologize for his lack of attention on her and her brother.

Banshee has its own checks and balances system, meaning no matter what side someone is on, good or bad, they aren’t immune to the repercussions that result from their actions. Those consequences don’t always effect just them; they can also effect those closest to them in a drastic matter. A prime example of this would be during last season, when Carrie’s son Max was kidnapped by Rabbit. This time around it’s Deputy Yawners wife that the misfortune falls upon.

Yawners helped Hood beat up some racist, skinhead, drug runners in order to obtain pertinent information on Proctor. Now, after seeing Yawners with his wife at Miles Diner, they decide it’s time for some payback. Matt Sharp—the leader of the crew and supplier of info on Proctor—blocks Mrs. Yawners path as she is walking. After being harassed, she slaps him before suffering the fate of a right cross that knocks her unconscious. That act isn’t heinous enough for one of the crew’s members though, so he kicks the pregnant woman in the stomach while she is down on the ground. Yawners rushes to the hospital after finding out what happened, Siobhan and Lotus convince him to stay with his wife and not leave to seek revenge on Sharp and his crew.Hoon Lee _ Ivana Milicevic

Hood maybe shaking Proctors trees as Lotus had advised, but he knows he needs something legitimate on him to actually bring him down. The Sheriff along with Siobhan, pay Juliet another visit. Hood is pressing for more information on Proctor and the two of them are not well received. Juliet is well aware she is risking her life buy even speaking to Hood, let alone giving him damning information on Proctor. She tells them about witnessing some of Proctor’s men bringing crates into the house, of which she did not know the contents. She then asks them to leave.

Siobhan reminds Hood that the information will not be enough to obtain a search warrant for Proctor’s house. You have to really feel bad for Juliet. The stripper is being used for sex, on a weekly basis by Proctor, and now Hood is using her in his chess game to bring the Amish crime boss down. It’s quite obvious that once Proctor figures out she’s been talking—and he will—she’s a goner.

Hood uses the skills he has acquired in his former life as a master thief to break into Proctor’s house and find out exactly what he is hiding and where, so he can procure the search warrant. He finds a hidden room filled with assault rifles, hand grenades, and sadistic torture weapons. Also chief among the weapons and illegal firearms is a ledger on the Kinaho casino. As the Sheriff is leaving the house, he is spotted by Rebecca. The two look at each other and neither say or do anything.

Rebecca is really in the thick of things lately and true to Banshee form, she is part responsible for recent actions. Sleeping with Jason Hood has indirectly involved her in his murder and Hood’s actions to avenge it. Proctor questioned her about Jason Hood during the episode, in another awkward moment between the two—this time while she is getting changed in her bedroom—she of course didn’t really know who he was or what his relation to Hood was.

“I don’t understand why Hood cares so much about what happened to him.”—Proctor says to Rebecca

Hood may have been dipping his toes in the water with his last few actions against Proctor, but now he is about to dive in. Arresting Banshee’s most powerful man on gun charges is not the equivalent of shaking any tree, it’s probably closer to chopping down a forest. Hood has a meeting with the DA, Gordon Hopewell and the ADA Alison Metty, informing them a confidential informant (Juliet) told him about the illegal guns hiding in known criminal’s house.

Next we see Lotus and Hood arriving at Proctors home with said warrant to search the premises. Hear is where Hood lets his ego get the better of him and he does himself a great disservice. He’s obviously found the guns and weapons already, he an at least peruse around a little and make it look convincing. But he just can’t help himself, he goes straight to where the hidden room is and chides Proctor before opening the door to it. Proctor begins to threaten Hood telling him he will kill him before Hood reads him his rights. Siobhan shoots a concerned look at Hood, seems her suspicion—while not on the level of Lotus and a bit blinded by her feelings—is growing.

“Kai Proctor, you have the right to remain silent.”—Hood says to Proctor.

Back at the hospital, Yawners receives the horrible news the due to the trauma inflicted upon his wife, she lost the baby she was carrying, which would’ve been their son.

Hood meets with ADA Metty and DA Hopewell to go over the warrant and arrest of Proctor. The guns aren’t registered, and at minimum Proctor will be charged with illegal possession. To no ones surprise, the DA and the Sheriff begin to argue about the particulars of the warrant. The ADA has some sarcastic words for both men before dismissing Hood from the office.

“You want me to step out so you can measure your dicks?”—ADA Metty asks both Hood and DA Hopewell

Gordon, Deva and Max are having a family barbeque together at home. When Gordon goes inside he finds Carrie dropping off money for Max. Instead of getting mad at her, he invites her to have dinner with them. This could be the beginning of reconciliation, or maybe a moment of vulnerability shown by Gordon.

Lotus and Siobhan are tagging all the confiscated evidence that was taken back to the Cadi from Proctor’s house. Lotus casually asks Hood who tipped him off about the weapons. Hood tells him a confidential informant, “not that I don’t trust you.” After the Sheriff leaves, Lotus starts to ask questions about Hood to Siobhan and makes her aware that he isn’t blind, and can tell something is going on between the deputy and the Hood.

While being held in lockup, Proctor is visited by his lawyer, Clay and Rebecca. The lawyer recommends the strategy of attacking the veracity of the search warrant. Proctor tells him no one could’ve seen anything inside the room where the guns were hidden. Rebecca—who has witnessed her uncle having sex with Juliette numerous times—mentions the stripper, but remains quite on seeing Hood in the house. Proctor sends Clay to get to the bottom of it. That will most likely mean the end of Juliet’s life.

Staying at the hospital with his recovering wife, Yawners is visited by Hood. The Sheriff lets him know that Sharp and his crew won’t get away with what they’ve done. He mentioned that they were locked up back at the Cadi.Hoon Lee _ Frankie Faison

Hood pays a visit to Alex Longshadow. He lets him know he’s discovered some information on his business dealings with Proctor. Hood wants his aid in bringing Proctor down if the gun charges don’t stick. A bold move by Hood, but having Longshadow on his side would greatly benefit him in the long run. The Kinaho Chief gives him a brief history of the prior arrangements his deceased father had with Proctor, and agrees to help out the Sheriff.

Yawners goes to the Cadi and convinces Alma—who runs the front desk—to go home so he’s alone with Sharp and his two lackeys. They immediately start mouthing off to the Deputy and he starts to tell them a story about his father and how he never spoke up for himself. He tells them this as he retrieves Proctor’s collection of medieval torture weapons from the evidence lock up. He then opens the cell and tells them if they pass him, they can go free. After beating down the first two, he has a brief struggle with Sharp until tackling him to the ground. With a pair of brass knuckles on, Yawners punches Sharp in the chest and badly injures him. He then removed the brass knuckles and punched him in the face repeatedly. After he stopped, he rolled off of Sharp and lay on the floor.

Back at The Forge, Rabbit is on his laptop and yells “I got you motherf***er.” He tells Sugar he has found Rabbit, thanks to hacking some of Racine’s files on the case. He has found the location of Rabbit’s brother’s church in New York City. Looks like Season 2’s last two episodes should be very interesting after this news.

Hood visits Siobhan at her trailer and she let’s Hood know she doesn’t agree with how he handled getting the search warrant, using Juliet, and involving her and her career along with it too. Their situation is becoming more and more convoluted as they are involved intimately on top of working together. After she yells at him and tells him she doesn’t know much because he doesn’t talk to her, Hood looks right at her and tells her he will answer any question she may have for him. Before any questions can be asked, Hood receives a phone call from Lotus, he is at the Cadi and obviously discovered Yawners and what he did to Sharp and his two buddies.

The ambulance comes to take them away and Hood asks to speak with Yawners in private. He wants to help the Deputy get a story straight before they report anything. Yawners confesses he wants none of that. He didn’t snap because of his wife. He knew exactly what he was doing. He tells Hood he’s been dealing with guys like Sharp his whole life. After Hood leaves the office, he removes his badge and nametag and leaves them on the desk.

“The bible says, ‘See that no one repays evil for evil.’ Sometimes repaying is all you got.”—Yawners tells Hood

It’s safe to say things are coming to a head after “Evil for Evil.” The character arc of Yawners has taken him from law abiding deputy to a man seeking vengeance for not only his wife being attacked, but for all the years he’s had to deal with racism. Hood’s arrest on Proctor is only the tip of the iceberg in what will most certainly end up being a very bloody battle between the two. Job finding a location on Rabbit will complicate things even further for Hood and everyone he is close to. Rebecca’s power is growing, not so much by her actions, but by what she sees, the company she is around, what she tells Proctor and the secrets that she keeps. She is becoming more and more dangerous by the episode. Sleeping with Jason Hood led to his death, and now the mention of Juliet will likely lead to her death as well and she saw Hood in Proctors house. With two episodes left, and Rabbit’s imminent return pending, look for Banshee to once again turn upside down and the repercussions to rain down amongst Hood and those closest to him.


This week’s post-credits scene shows the desk of Deputy Yawners. The picture of him and his wife, a sonogram picture of his son to be, an old family picture, a mini football helmet and a Jesus statue among other items.

The bottle of bourbon seen next to Job’s laptop at The Forge is “Pappy Van Winkle.” One of the most expensive Bourbons in the world, a neat pour would easily cost you over $100.


The song in the closing credits is “The Believer” by Cat Dowling

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