‘Being Human’ House Hunting Recap: 1-2 Ramona’s Coming for You

Ramona’s true origin is revealed and Sally faces the truth that one of her visions while time traveling was actually a haunting harbinger of things to come….

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

The end of Being Human is less than a week away and there’s no doubt that I’m sad about it. As much money as SyFy seems to pump into other shows, it angers me that a series this good is ending right now, but I do take some solace in the fact that they do get to finish on their own terms and with an actual conclusion and not a cryptic cliffhanger like so many other shows receive when a cancellation is handed down like a death sentence. The penultimate episode this week titled ‘House Hunting’ starts to bring everything full circle — especially a premonition Sally first witnessed back three weeks ago when she was completing her time travel circle to return to present day.

There’s also a final revelation about Ramona that while seems somewhat contrived also makes sense when you really start to examine all of the things these characters have gone through in the last four seasons, as we rush towards the final hour of Being Human next Monday night.

What About Me?

It’s finally moving day for the roommates, but before one final goodbye they get a visit from an unexpected guest. Beatrice — the DMV worker who shunned Aidan a week ago and had him tossed out like some speaking to himself loon — finally admits that she had a sister but there’s a much bigger backstory to explain why no one ever heard about her before now. It seems Beatrice’s parents made a deal with a demon worshipping cult in a Rosemary’s Baby kind of way that they would give up one of their twin daughters in exchange for knowing all of the secrets of the Earth. Now I’m not sure if that means really good gardening tips or what, but once the twins were born, Beatrice was allowed to live like a normal little girl while her unnamed sister lived in a hidden closet upstairs, far away from the rest of the world. She was so unloved by her parents that they didn’t even give her a name so Beatrice did — she named her Ramona.

Around the time they were 10, Beatrice’s parents had a party for all of their psycho friends who worshipped at the alter of Peymon (that’s the demon), and Ramona was sacrificed, her room boarded up, and she was never spoken of again. Now 40 years later, Beatrice comes back to the house and sets eyes on her sister, but Ramona didn’t bring her there for hugs and a happy reunion. Instead, Ramona Darth Vader chokes her sister into lifelessness, and as she expires, the roommates realize this haunted little girl isn’t such a little girl after all.

Suicide PactBeing-Human-Episode-4.12-House-Hunting-Promotional-Photos-6_595_slogo

Once the roomies realize that Ramona is bad news they try to make a mad dash to get out of the house, but like a good Freddy Krueger nightmare where everyone falls asleep and pops out into different places, separated from one another, Josh, Nora, Aidan and Sally are cut off from each other but they are not alone.

Sally meets up with Cat, who tells her that Aidan can never love her because technically she’s not even there. Josh faces down with his ex-fiancee Julia, who tries to convince him that all he does is kill everything he loves and he should just kill himself and end this cycle of pain and torture. Nora finds Josh’s sister Emily in her bedroom, drunk as a skunk, and spouting off about how Josh will bring nothing but harm to her and her baby — yes folks, Nora is pregnant!

And finally Aidan finds his first son Henry awaiting him in the basement as he tries to convince his father that there is an afterlife for vampires, and if he stakes himself he can truly be with Sally forever. Luckily, Sally wakes up from this vision before anyone else because she’s a ghost and not as susceptible to these tricks and room by room she goes to wake up the other roommates to convince them death isn’t the way out of here.

It seems Ramona also isn’t a ghost — she’s the evil that’s lived inside this house ever since she was sacrificed all those years ago and the way that she thrives is by more death and more blood being spilt on the floors, on the walls and everywhere in between. It’s a big reason why these roommates have been the perfect people to live here because they are always feeding the beast. So if she can’t convince them to commit suicide, thus damning themselves to this dwelling for all eternity, Ramona is just going to have to force fate’s hand a little bit.

Hello Father, Nice to Know YouBeing-Human-Episode-4.12-House-Hunting-Promotional-Photos-5_595_slogo

At the start of this episode, Aidan is still trying to convince Kenny to leave town. Even with Astrid dead, he can still start fresh and build a new life far away from the confines of Boston’s boundaries. Kenny knows that Aidan is lying to him about how his girlfriend died, so in one final attempt to shake the truth out of him, he goes to visit his father with a very specific agenda.

Kenny bursts into the house, and Ramona allows Aidan to go to him while trapping everyone else in her strange little room. Kenny knows that Aidan lied, and he did it all to protect Josh, who was the person that actually killed Astrid. Not only that but once again Aidan chose Josh over his own kind, over his own son, and over every instinct that’s supposed to be burning up inside him. So Kenny needs to get rid of Aidan once and for all, but after an epic battle ensues, the final wooden stake is plunged into the heart of the son, not the father. As Aidan watches yet another of his children turn to dust, he’s filled with rage and sadness at the choices that he’s made.

At that moment, Ramona releases the roommates as they hear Aidan’s screams of pain and anguish from downstairs. Just as Josh reaches his friend, Aidan looks up with tears in his eyes and grabs his head and tells him this is all your fault. Remember back to the episode titled ‘Too Far, Fast Forward!’ where Sally is trying to get back to present day but flashes into a scene where Aidan snaps Josh’s neck in a fit of tortured rage? It wasn’t a vision — Sally just traveled into the future for a brief moment before coming back to present day.

Aidan is on the verge of killing Josh as we fade to black with one hour left to go until Being Human is over.


The only notable track from this week’s episode that was identifiable anyways was the song ‘Time to Kill’ by Gold & Youth, but it’s a very solid song so check it out:

Best Line of Week:

With the show winding down, the comedy has been at a minimum the last few weeks but Sally still managed to toss one out at Ramona with a Poltergeist tease during her weird haunting phase while begging the roommates to stay:

“Yeah, not a chance in hell, kid. We’re all leaving. Especially now with this new Carol Anne crap you’re pulling” ~ Sally

It all comes down to next week kids, the series finale of Being Human — Monday night at 9pm ET/PT on SyFy and then come back here for the recap as we look back on the closing moments for Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora.

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