‘Being Human’ Oh Don’t You Die for Me Recap: A Kiss from a Wolf

Josh tries to rebuild his pack with disastrous results and Sally finds a very strange way to jog Aidan’s memory about their lost love….

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

When we last left our favorite supernatural roommates, Sally’s magic trick to zap back to present day worked like a charm so the entire dystopian past she helped to create was gone like a puff of smoke and we were back to the status quo. While some might argue the last two episodes ended up wasting valuable time as the clock ticks away on the series (only three episodes to go after this week), I actually quite enjoyed the ‘Days of Future Past’ vibe that we experienced. And the one carry over — Sally finally admitting that she’s in love with Aidan become a very important, yet somewhat disturbing, part of this episode as well.

Josh and Nora are back to being separated and Aidan’s ex-wife Suzanna is still hell bent on extinguishing all of the vampires on Earth. Caught up? Good so let’s go

Leader of the Pack

Following his exile from their bedroom after going all wolfy on Nora, Josh is looking to find a sense of family again so he seeks out Mark and Andrew from his previous pack days to show them a little secret that he’s been hiding. Josh reveals that he can turn into a wolf at any time, and so of course they welcome him back with open arms and declare that he is the alpha male — he is the new pack master.

All’s right with the world! Not so much.

It seems the big plan was to have Josh “initiate” several new wolves as part of the pack the night before they all turn. Andrew and Mark have recruited a slew of humans who want to be werewolves and because Josh can control his wolf while in animal state, he can scratch them one by one without you know, accidentally mutilating them and having a snack pack. Josh is freaked out by this, of course, but his choice in the matter is over. Andrew and Mark zap him with a taser, toss him in a cage and force him to change with a few more electrical prods.

Looks like Josh is in a bad way.

beinghuman410cSally’s Regret

With Nora packing her things and moving out, Sally is trying to explain to her how she and Josh belong together no matter what’s happened. She starts to give out a few details about her time traveling adventure, including her torrid love affair with Aidan, and now Nora wants to know about everything that happened in ‘the past’.

Sally wants nothing more than to remind Aidan of the love they once shared, but how can she convince him that they were madly head over heels for each other beyond the fact that she’s now a ghost again and can’t actually touch, feel or kiss him in any way shape or form. Or can she?

I’m Breaking Up With You Forever

Since the entire past Sally experienced has been retconned back to present day, Aidan is still dealing with his ex-wife Suzanna lurching around town, determined to kill all of the other vampires still dealing in the blood trade. The only way she’ll be convinced that Aidan is truly a changed man is to rid Boston of its new leader — Kenny. Well, it’s this declaration that forced Aidan to tell her the truth — Kenny is his son and he won’t kill him.

Instead he offers to get Kenny and the other vampires in line to assure her that they aren’t killing humans for blood, and the population will be kept to a minimum. Suzanna gives him two months to whip them into shape or she’ll be back and when she sees Aidan again, he won’t see her coming.

Well, he didn’t see this coming anyways — Suzanna was lying.

She goes to the funeral home to wipe out all of the vampires short of Kenny, who she leaves alive so Aidan has to go through with the final act of finishing his son. Aidan shows up just in the nick of time, and he tries reasoning with Suzanna because he knows this is all being drawn from her continued grief over killing their son Isaac. When she’s had enough of his sobbing and manipulation, Suzanna decides to do the deed herself, but Aidan has other ideas. Instead of sacrificing the boy king, he stabs his wife with the wooden stake and maybe in dust she’ll be able to find the peace she obviously couldn’t find in pseudo-life.

The Kiss

Before Aidan eradicates the world of Suzanna, he teams up with Sally and Nora to go free Josh from the clutches of the evil werewolf gang. They get Josh free of the cage, but Mark and his groupies show up just as they are about to walk out. Aidan instructs Nora to take Josh out of there and he’ll handle the werewolves himself. It has to be noted, the wolves are all less than 24 hours from a change so they all possess power equal or greater than the all mighty vampires.

Aidan puts up a good fight, but with the blood splattered on his face and a ‘you don’t know where I’ve been Lou’ mentality in his mind, Sally has to step in and save her battered sort of boyfriend. She starts possessing wolves one by one so he can fight back and knock them out, but each move zaps more and more of her power. Finally, the last thug just happens to be the rather large outspoken wolf from a few episodes back — the one Josh tossed across the room and separated his shoulder. Remember him? Here’s a reminder:Quasi Werewolf

This is the one that Sally possesses and remembers how she can help jog Aidan’s memory. So she proceeds (as the guy) to make out with Aidan to see if she can spark his brain into finding the smallest crevices where their love could be hiding. There’s nothing wrong with a little man on man action, but this was just so random yet hilarious. Seeing Aidan go full on, lips out with the guy while really believing he was kissing Sally was something different to say the least.

Once she jumps out of his body, Aidan finishes him off (the IMDB page lists this guy as Brick Shithouse) before heading back to the house to check on Josh.

Recovery Time

Sally is still zapped and almost comatose from jumping in and out of so many bodies, and this is when Nora unloads the truth on Aidan — she’s deeply in love with him and has been ever since she traveled back in time and spent months sharing a life with him. Maybe Aidan finally finds the spark that’s been missing, but before he can run to Sally she awakens in a strange room, laying an a bed with weird crayon scribbled images all around her. This is the same bedroom where she witnessed Lil Smokie getting sacrificed during one of her first time traveling adventures. It appears they didn’t forget about this story line after all!

Sally screams for Josh, Aidan and Nora while trying to figure out how and why she’s been drawn back to this place.

Nora Being Human Oh Don't You Die for MeBest line of the week:

The last few weeks haven’t yielded the same kind of humor I’ve gotten used to on Being Human, but there was one zinger that made me smile. Sally busted Nora about to take some pills when she flashed back to her time traveling experience where the former head nurse was a pain killer junkie.

Nora: “What’d you think I was taking?”
Sally: “I don’t know — uppers, downers, reds, blues, whatever gets you through the day”


This week featured several artists including:

“Make That Body Work” by Electric Valentine
“Lost” by The Mary Onettes
“Die Saulen Der Erde-Teil 2” by Ken Follett
“The World is Ours” by Moving Units
And the track that closed out the episode

“The Beat My Heart Skips” by Stumbleine feat. Coma

Come back next week as we enter the final three episodes of ‘Being Human’. It looks like Sally is on the trail of what happened to Lil’ Smokie, but will this bring good fortune or bad (given her track record it’s not a good sign).

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