‘Being Human’ Ramona The Pest Recap: The Beast In Me

Josh finally confronts the beast inside after waking up covered in blood, Aidan and Sally find their way to each other and the roommates meet the ghost that’s been living in their house since long before they moved in there…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

When we last left our favorite supernatural roommates….

Aidan, Nora and Sally had to team up to help Josh escape imprisonment courtesy of his new pack led by Mark and Andrew, who wanted to harness his power to turn more people into werewolves. Following a daring escape, Sally had to possess the wolves one by one to assist Aidan in a Batman like beat down of the dog soldiers so he could also get out of their fairly unharmed. Oh and before they left, Sally jumped into the body of one of the male wolves and planted a kiss on Aidan to hopefully remind him of the love they once shared in the past before she traveled back to the future.

My Ramona

Sally awakens in the strange kid’s room she witnessed a sacrificial murder take place in one of her time warped adventures and immediately freaks out, thinking she’s been transported back in time again despite not actually using any magic. Well good news, she just phased in there after waking up from her weakened state following a mass possession, and this room is actually hidden behind Josh and Nora’s closet.

Meanwhile downstairs in the basement, Aidan is dreaming of a world where Sally is made flesh again and they can keep on kissing without the rather large wolf guy acting as a creepy intermediary. Just as lips are locking, Nora stumbles downstairs and wakes Aidan up, only to discover he was already up, if you get what I’m saying.

The plan is to knock down the closet wall and see what’s in this room so in one of the best moments in Being Human history, Aidan busts through and proceeds to unleash a Kool-Aid man bellow like nobody will soon duplicate. Good on you Sam Witwer for going all out on this scene.

Inside, they discover a blood soaked floor under the bed and scribble marks for the numbers 1-6. Like magic at the same time a little girl pops up out of nowhere and introduces herself as Ramona — this is Lil Smoky that we met many episodes ago and it seems she’s the twin of Beatrice, the woman that Sally tracked down once upon a time. Beatrice failed to mention she had a sister, but Ramona is forever connected to her and she wants to have a meeting with her twin so the roomies decide to help in hopes of giving her what she needs to free her spirit and maybe help her reach her door to the other side.

Before they can help out their new Casper-like friend, Sally’s dad arrives and tells them that they have to be out of the house by the end of the week. The house sold and there’s nothing left they can do to stay. It’s time to go.

Unleash the Beast

Following Suzanna’s death, Kenny is free to resume his business as the new head of Boston, but it’s not a job he’s interested in anymore. He’d rather live life like a 17-year old with his new girlfriend Astrid, traveling the globe and just generally being kids. Aidan decides to help his son to fake his own death so he can escape this world and go about making a new one with his lady love. The only problem is Astrid needs some convincing to abandon Boston and go on the run with Kenny, so Aidan enlists Josh and Nora to have a talk with the young pup to give her the go ahead to leave town.

Josh isn’t so sure that Astrid will be better off with Kenny and this ends up in a knockdown drag out argument with Aidan about werewolves vs. vampires, and you know all those nasty things you don’t ever say to somebody unless you are really going for the jugular? Well they said all of them.

Despite this shouting match, Nora is still convinced she should give some advice to Astrid so she shows up at the house to have ‘the talk’ with her. Astrid pops in, but she’s got another surprise instead — she pulls a gun on Nora and the rest of the pack follows behind her on a mission to find Josh. Before he can escape the bedroom to go help Nora, Ramona traps him inside and says it’s too dangerous for him to go out there the way that he is. It seems at first as if she’s showing what being trapped alone inside a room for the last few decades can do to a person, but in reality she’s building up Josh’s anger so he’ll wolf out and can take down the pack and save Nora.

Sure enough, Josh slaughters the entire wolf pack and by the time it’s over he’s in an almost catatonic stage covered in blood and wondering how this all happened. Amidst the chaos, Astrid doesn’t make it out alive either, and she ends up dead alongside the rest of the pack.

Being-Human-Episode-4.11-Ramona-the-Pest-Promotional-Photos-4_595_slogoThe Search for a Soul

Aidan and Sally miss the murder of the wolves because they are out trying to convince Beatrice that her sister is still around (sort of) and needs to talk to her. She works at a DMV, which means Aidan is in line for an impossibly long time and during his wait he finally decides to give this relationship with Sally a go despite the fact that they can’t actually touch or kiss or any other naughty thing, but feelings are enough, right? Meanwhile, Beatrice freaks out at the shear mention of her sister and calls security to get rid of Aidan so clearly something else is going on. Either Ramona was sacrificed in the name of her family in some backwoods Tuttle-esque cult deal or Beatrice is still haunted by the memory of her long dead sister.

Back at the house, Aidan and Sally (let’s call them Saidan for short) finds the bloody massacre courtesy of Wolf-Josh and he calls Kenny to help clean up the mess. Josh leaves with Nora to go turn under the full moon, and Sally goes with them in one final attempt to help complete the spell she started months ago to get him back from a full wolf state in the first place.

Aidan has to break the news to Kenny about Astrid’s death telling him that she died when she refused to help the pack and they killed her. Oh Aidan don’t you know lies only come back to haunt you? Kenny’s fine with this story as he has his troops clean up Josh’s mess. Upstairs in Lil Smoky Ramona’s room lays Astrid cold dead on the floor. Aidan arrives to bag her up and take her out of the house and after he exits we see the marks on the floor that once read six have no scribbled a whole bunch more after the wolf pack met their demise inside the house. It’s clear now that there’s something much darker hiding here, and death has found a comfy home residing in these walls.

Letting Go

Josh has to go to battle one final time with his wolf to regain control of his humanity so out in the woods before the moon goes full, Sally jumps into his body to serve up another possession, but this time she goes deep into his psyche into that weird meditative state that got him locked as the beast in the first place. She comes to find out that this entire time that Josh has been turning into the wolf at will that in his mind, he’s been running away from the beast constantly living in fear of it taking over. In reality, as Sally discovers, the wolf is Josh as much as Josh is the wolf. It was a real philosophical breakthrough kids.

Josh comes to peace with his wolf telling the animal that for 29 days of the month he stays in control but for that one night the beast takes over and he has free reign to follow his instincts.

The house is cleaned up, Aidan and Sally are Saidan, Josh and Nora are back together (or at least it seems that way) and all is right with the world — or not.

Astrid reappears because no one can die and just shuffle off to heaven or wherever that door takes you, and she has to break it to Kenny that she perished when Josh wolfed out and killed the entire pack — her included. With only two episodes to go, I’d bet money that Kenny’s revenge will come at Josh full force and this will re-open old wounds of vampire vs. werewolf and only one supernatural beast will survive.

Being-Human-Episode-4.11-Ramona-the-Pest-Promotional-Photos-6_595_slogoBest Line of the Week:

One more time for anyone that missed the first go round — Aidan with his best Kool-Aid man impression — Oh yeah!!!


“The Battle for Charles Wallace” by Shadow Circus
“The World is Ours” by Moving Units
“Central Daylight Time” by Wrinkle Neck Mules
“Headless Schoolbus Driver” by Gorilla
“Waiting” by Alice Boman
And the two standout tracks:

“In Pursuit of Immortality” by Michael Price and Rael Jones

“Lost” by The Mary Onettes

Make sure to return for the final two episodes of Being Human including next week’s episode where ghosts of the past return to haunt the roommates as they relive the sins they’ve committed in the last few years…

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