‘Being Human’ Season 4 ‘Cheater of the Pack’ Recap: Always Be Closing

Josh struggles with his inner wolf after the animal makes a bad decision and Aiden’s plan to go cold turkey results in some naked time with his ex…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Josh was never a big fan of joining up to a pack and this week on ‘Being Human’ we start to understand why. Meanwhile Aiden is thirsty after a blood soaked night out on the town with his ‘son’ Kenny and Sally gets a visit from her brother, who lets her roommates in on some news that will be a little upsetting.

Always Be Closing

Sally’s brother Robbie comes knocking this week to inform the crew that he’s selling the house to help out his father and they all have 30 days to vacate while he’s showing the unit to prospective families that may want to buy now.

Josh: “Why is he selling?”
Robbie: “Honestly?”
Josh: “That’d be nice”

Robbie isn’t too forthcoming with the details, but it’s pretty clear this is a money grab. He offers to save the house for the roommates so long as they can come up with $300,000, which is pretty much like asking them to fly him to the moon and back because there’s no way they can pony up that much cash. Needless to say, Sally is not happy with her brother getting rid of her house so she decides to make sure it can’t sell to anybody.

Her plans to rid the house of any prospective buyers includes a vampire feeding frenzy to make the property just a little less than welcoming.

“The first couple that comes in you just like slaughter them, eat them like it’s Sunday brunch” ~ Sally

Aiden, who is still hungry for blood, after a night out binging with his progeny is not interested in hearing about eating anybody much less the prospective people who want to buy their house.

“Please stop coming up with scenarios where I eat people” ~ Aiden

When the first couple comes to visit, Sally instead decides to offer up a spell to make the entire place smell like a Waffle House bathroom, which of course sends the people running for the door. Her spell also zaps her back in time to 2009 when she was first moving into the house with her then fiancé Danny as her brother Robbie argued with him about how he’s not really good enough for his sister.

This back and forth continues throughout the entire episode as Sally (the 2009 version) doesn’t see Danny as the ass he ends up being while her brother promises to kill him if he hurts her, even if it means losing his sister in the process. In the end, Robbie bolts out of town to get away from the situation leaving Sally to deal with Danny the Terrible before her death a couple of years later.beinghuman406b

Back in the house it’s clear there’s more going on than Sally’s stink bomb because the next family that comes to visit has an even creepier encounter. A little boy runs upstairs to use the bathroom, but instead wanders into Josh and Nora’s room where he peaks in the closet and there’s a strange little girl staring back at him. Needless to say he’s scared out of his mind, bangs his head as the closet door slams shot on him, and the entire family runs out of the house in terror.

Robbie’s only other recourse is to fix up the house (although you may want to hire an exorcist for the whole Ring girl hiding out in the closet thing) and so he heads to the basement to fix the pipes and find that god awful smell. In the midst of his work, the hot water heater begins to leak like it’s something out of Final Destination and when the power saw automatically turns on and drops to the ground electrocuting Robbie in the process it’s straight up Devon Sawa time.

Sally pops back to present day and comes face to face with her brother — who can see her now because he’s dead, too.

Wolf at Play

Following a romp with the pack, Josh wakes up and wants to nuzzle with his lovely bride but instead finds Wendy — wife of pack gatherer Mark — naked next to him. Seems their wolves decided to do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Josh is horrified that his wolf just cheated on Nora with another woman.

Once he finds out about the house also being taken away, Nora suggests that they do what normal married couples do and get a place of their own. She’s hesitant to actually force the move, however, because Josh needs stability right now and a house shared with Aiden and Sally provides that for him. In his moment of guilt, Josh decides to give and tells Nora they should move out on their own and maybe even leave Boston.

Later, Josh meets up with Wendy to implore her not to tell Mark what happened, but she’s confident that her hubby will understand that animal instincts just took over. So Josh then decides to open up to Aiden, whose best advice is to keep the secret from Nora because it will only hurt her in the long run.

Josh goes home and starts to open up to Nora when the front doorbell rings. When the door swings open, Mark is swinging at Josh — seems he wasn’t as cool with it as Wendy expected. Mark’s beat down continues even after Nora finds out what he did exactly. When Mark tosses Nora to the floor mid-Josh-stomping, the wolf inside wants to come out to play. Josh’s animal comes out and he tosses Mark around the apartment like he’s playing a game of hacky sack. Nora calms him down, but the damage is already done — both physically and mentally.

Nora is convinced that Josh’s wolf is taking over and the husband she loves is slipping away, one day at a time.Being Human season 4

Binge and Purge

Following his blood-tastic night out with Kenny, Aiden is awfully hungry for some blood and he’s struggling to stay afloat without something to drink. He happens upon his ex-wife Suzanna, who is still in town despite his pleas that she leave after killing a whole bunch of vampires. She decides to help Aiden through his hunger pains so it’s back to her tavern where she’s serving as bartender to pay the bills.

She explains to Aiden how it’s possible to sustain on the minimal amount of blood, and she will do what she can to help him survive the withdraw. The best medicine for this? A little bar top sex as the two vampires do about 200 years worth of catching up.

Following the nookie, Aiden and Suzanna strike a deal — she will help him curb his thirst and in the meantime she will avoid killing vampires.

Well the deal lasts about 10 minutes because on the way home, Aiden spots a tasty redhead and decides to take her for dinner. Literally.

A few minutes later he’s calling the funeral home for help and his ‘date’ is bled out and dead on his bed. It’s an eerily similar scene to the first episode of the entire series when Aiden is trying so hard to avoid life as a vampire, only to slip up and call on Bishop when that was the exact last thing he wanted to do.

Best Line of the Week:

Goes to Josh this time around when the roommates are discussing ways to convince potential buyers out of wanting to purchase their home. There’s the ghost problem and then there’s also been a couple of fires, the second of which is what earns Josh the best line of the week award.

“Then there was the one where Bishop came bursting through that window like the Kool-Aid guy” ~ Josh

Come back next week for another new episode of ‘Being Human’ where Sally has to call on Donna to hopefully revive her brother from the other side while Suzanna’s plan to help Aiden goes into overdrive.

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