‘Being Human’ Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: ‘The Parent Trap’

Aiden tries to balance his human needs with vampire requirements plus Josh and Nora meet a new werewolf couple expecting a baby….

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Aiden has a problem. Actually he has problems. Plural. You wanna hear?

He’s got a lady at home that he loves (Kat) but she doesn’t know the real truth about who he is. She did once upon a time but he zapped her mind so she has no memory of encountering a vampire and a bunch of werewolves. He’s also got a son that he was supposed to kill but who is actually alive and now running Boston. He’s got an ex-wife, who was supposed to be dead but in reality lived more than 200 years with the sole purpose of wiping vampires off the Earth. Oh and his best friend was just transformed back from a wolf to man and his other roommate is a ghostly witch who can’t stop messing up other people’s lives. Does that catch us up?

Let’s start with the ex-wife who is now a vampire slayer. Aiden starts out this week’s Being Human by lying to Kenny and telling him that he has no clue who the person is that wiped out his blood bank (who apparently also took out 10 more vampires the next day). Instead of letting Kenny climb back out the window from whence he came, Aiden decides to be truthful for once and takes him downstairs where Josh and Nora are having breakfast.

Surprise here’s the kid you thought was dead who tried to kill Nora once upon a time!

Needless to say Josh Wolfenstein wasn’t amused but Nora actually forgave the little bugger for freaking out and trying to suck her dry. Josh decides to go on a 10-mile run to sweat out his anger instead.Being Human - Season 4

Meanwhile, life with Kat would seem to be great. She’s head over heels in love with him, he’s head over heels in love with her but that one small problem still exists — she has no clue he’s a vampire. Kat’s trying to plan a nice two week romantic getaway while also probing into Aiden’s childhood, for which he has no answers. He actually concocts a plan involving Nora backing up a childhood he whips up in an instant, but ultimately he decides to forgot that strategy and go with a different one. Aiden sits Kat down and proceeds to tell her that he’s over 200 years old, he doesn’t remember his childhood much because that was in the 1760’s and he’s a vampire. Kat’s reaction? Naturally she laughs in his face.

Probably not what he was going for.

The truth telling decision was made after Aiden decided to rid Boston of its vampire slayer once and for all. He comes clean to Kenny about who is wiping out the fangers in Boston, but then runs to Suzanna’s hotel to implore her to get out of town right away. As they are saying their goodbyes, she hits him with the fact that he’s in love with a human and that will never work out in the long run.

“The end is always the same. You want to turn them, or they want to be turned or you kill them.” ~ Suzanna

Does Suzanna have a point? Will Aiden’s words of comfort trying to tell Kat everything ultimately bite him in the you know where (the heart you perverts)? He’s coming clean but how will that sit with Kat once she realizes he’s being serious?

It’s a Puppy!

Nora is the breadwinner now since Josh quit his job and now his profession involves working out constantly and going for 10 mile runs on the regular. Today, however, his run is interrupted when he comes across a pregnant woman sitting on a bench — who just happens to be a werewolf. Turns out she and her husband were turned on a camping trip, but the curse sort of became a blessing when she got pregnant. See she was never able to conceive before becoming wolfy but she’s scared out of her mind that what comes out of her during birth will be more dog than man.

Josh does a good deed and offers to help by having Nora run an ultrasound on her at the hospital. Things are going well until the little one inside starts kicking for freedom and the scan shows the kid has claws (that’s gotta hurt right?). The husband freaks out and Josh does the same when his eyes flash yellow as he tosses the guy up against the wall when he makes the slightest threat towards Nora. They rush out but they’ll be back.nup_161408_0003

A few hours later, they show up at Josh and Nora’s house (how did they get the address exactly considering they met them at the hospital?) — her water broke and they had nowhere else to go.

Josh and Nora quickly convert their bedroom into a birthing area, which brings us the line of the week thanks to our favorite married werewolves.

Josh: “Should I put down plastic?”
Nora: “She’s giving birth, Josh, not getting whacked”

A few bumps aside, the kid is born without a problem although when she pops out she’s kind of a wolf/human hybrid but the parents don’t care. They are overjoyed with wolf baby and a few seconds later she reverts back to full human form. So as it turns out two wolves can have a baby without a major problem!

Of course this then turns Josh and Nora into denial couple supreme as they both give reasons upon reasons why they wouldn’t want one of those babies. Nora again steals the show with her line about a wolf baby asking for mama’s milk.

“Breast feeding that thing – nice knowing you nipples!” ~ Nora

Both Josh and Nora are protesting way too much — it’s clear they both want a kid so I have a feeling that’s going to come back around at some point this season as the newlyweds start to live their lives together more and more as a married couple.

Lil Smokie Clones

Sally is still obsessing over the girl she saw sacrificed in her time travel adventures. She goes to her old friend Zoe for help. Zoe (who is now a lesbian by the way) is hesitant to help as she should be — Sally did rip her entire ghost support group apart, zapped her ghost boyfriend into limbo and then brought him back where he became a flesh eating zombie.

Somehow she convinces her to help and they go on a search for the girl Sally has now endeared with the nickname ‘Lil’ Smokie’. A quick look on the internet reveals that the girl and her parents once lived in the house Sally and her now dead husband eventually bought and so they decide to pay a visit to the girls parents who still live in another section of Boston.Being Human - Season 4

Zoe knocks and a girl answers the door who looks eerily like the girl from her time travel adventures.

“Oh my god she’s like a Lil Smokie clone” ~ Sally

The girl at the door reveals that Beatrice (the girl supposedly sacrificed in the past) is alive and well and that’s her mother. Zoe gets inside posing as a historical society member and shows her the old picture they dug up and sure enough she says that’s her standing in the photo with her parents. Sally is ultra confused now because she saw this girl get murdered but here she is alive and well with a family of her own.

Zoe is done with this game and bolts out of there and proceeds to tell Sally that she’s not helping anyone — she’s just obsessive and her need to intervene has caused nothing but pain and anguish for everyone around her. Sally is bummed to hear this (truth hurts) but then she notices that Lil Smoke clone is upstairs staring at them out of the window.

Back inside, Beatrice finds the original photo from one of her albums and unfolds the picture to reveal the same girl staring down at her from the upstairs window in Sally’s old house. Apparently, Lil Smokie is an unrested soul or a ghost or a demon or something because she’s been around and looking like the same person for decades.

Next week on Being Human it looks like Aiden has to face a very frightened Kat when he shows her his fangs. Come back in one week’s time for the next recap of Being Human, Monday nights on SyFy at 9pm ET/PT.

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