‘Being Human’ Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: ‘Misery Loves Company’

Aiden deals with the fallout after telling Kat the truth about what he is, Josh and Nora make some new friends and Sally sees the dark side of a friend and it scares her….

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

The truth hurts.

There’s plenty of reasons why we have so many people that lie in our society. Sometimes it’s for personal gain, other times it’s because we don’t want to get caught doing something bad, and sometimes it’s just because the honest truth can be pretty painful.

Aiden has rarely told the truth to anyone about what he really is or how he has to exist, but after a talk with his ex-wife Suzanna last week he decides to come clean to Kat and tell her the secret he’s been hiding this entire time — he’s a vampire.

Kat’s reaction at first is what you might expect if someone told you they were a vampire — she laughed in his face. A flash of the black eye balls and the fact that he has no pulse quickly made Kat realize that this was no laughing matter. The shock and fear quickly washed over Kat and within seconds she was pulling out a knife and demanding that Aiden leave her apartment. From in love and happy one moment, to scared and alone the next.

Aiden decides to go back into sulking-emo-Aiden mode when he runs into his progeny Kenny, who has been stalking him around town because he wants to hang out with his dear old dad. The loss of Kat has Aiden in a very bad place, but what washes away sorrows than a few drinks to drown out the misery. In the vampire world, getting soused means drinking a lot of blood so that’s what Aiden and Kenny go back to his place to do — suck down some blood and forget about all the suffering.

A Wolfing We Will Go

Josh and Nora pay a visit to their new wolf friends and baby to give them a present and see how the little cub is doing. While there they meet some other friends who also happened to be along on the same camping trip when a werewolf attacked and turned them all — side note, this must have been the worst werewolf ever because he/she attacked four people and all of them lived, that’s not supposed to happen!Being-Human-U-S-image-being-human-us-36580785-3000-2002

It turns out that Josh and Nora’s new friends are all about the pack mentality now. Safety in numbers if you will, and while Josh is very hesitant to sign up for the group due to his past dealings with wolf packs, he still agrees to help his new friends and their new little girl April out by throwing them a baby shower at the house.

Back at Casa De Supernatural, Josh is greeted by his little sister Emily, who is fresh out of rehab and standing at his doorstep. She’s ready for a new start, but after telling all of her woes to their parents, Josh is the only person she has left to turn to and of course he invites her to crash at their abode for a little while. This all happens in the midst of an ever growing baby shower because Josh and Nora’s new friends have apparently invited every werewolf within a 50 mile radius to join them in the celebration. The alcohol flowing throughout the house tempts poor Emily, who just wanted a couch to crash on while she tried her damnedest to stay clean and sober.

Josh tries to comfort his sister amidst the boos and wolves all testing her sobriety.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for this to turn into The Howling” ~ Josh to Emily

Close, Josh but you didn’t quite land line of the week.

Back to the Future

Sally’s time travel adventures whenever she puts her magic to work are continuously sending her to stranger and stranger places. While we completely forget this week about the weird Lil’ Smokie incident of last episode, Sally’s troubles still compound after a few more trips to the past. She goes back in time when Josh is 16 and has sex for the first time with Julia — Sally’s impressed by his performance but didn’t really want to be there for four days while all of this unfolded (Josh didn’t have sex for four days, mind you, she was just stuck there for that long).

Next up, Sally tries to cast a spell on Emily so she can see her ghostly spirit, but it doesn’t take and instead she’s transported back to the 1920’s where she runs into Aiden and his son Henry. They are ready to paint the town red with a couple of dames, and Sally is of course amused by Aiden’s debonair mustache that he rocks. This is where the line of the week happens.

“I can’t wait to bust your balls over this pervy John Waters look” ~ Sally to Aiden

The only problem with the 1920’s version of Aiden is he’s a much different man. Actually at that point he’s more animal than human, a savage killing machine hell bent on drinking as much blood as the human body can give. Sally watches in horror as he kills an innocent girl while Henry does the same. And when an innocent passer-by wanders to the scene and looks upon this ghastly happening, Aiden quickly snatches her up and drinks her blood as well.

During this entire time, Sally was trying to use her magic to reach him but her spells don’t work when she’s time traveling. She’s zapped back to the present with two pieces of information that are crucial to her future — first she can’t use her magic when she’s in the past, which means she could get stuck there at some point and never able to return. Two, Aiden was once very much like his father Bishop — a cold, blooded killing machine like the atypical vampires the world got to know before the virus wiped most of them off the face of the Earth.

Misery Loves CompanyBeing-Human-U-S-image-being-human-us-36580790-3000-1997

Aiden shows up at Josh and Nora’s part drunk as a skunk off of blood and he’s in a partying mood. He’s dancing and frolicking with the werewolves and hitting on Sally something fierce. It’s about time the sexual chemistry between these two characters was explored, despite the fact that you know Sally is a ghost and can’t actually physically touch him but it’s still good to finally acknowledge that connection. Of course drunk Aiden (like most drunks) loses his appeal after a short period of time.

Sally disappears and returns from her adventure in the 1920’s and tells Aiden the horrors she just witnessed him do and his response is that he wants to get with her. A few moments later, Emily spots Kenny — and Sally’s spell worked because she sees his true face instead of the one he puts on for all those who normally see him. She freaks, the wolves freak and next thing you know Aiden and Kenny are kicking some ass all over the house.

The fight is broken up and in the morning Aiden regrets just about everything from the night before including his drunken attempt to take Sally to bed (which once again wouldn’t have worked anyways). Sally unleashes on his evil ways from years earlier and wishes deep down that he would suffer a little bit for all the harm he’s done to so many people.

Following Sally’s emotional tirade, Aiden goes over to Kat’s apartment and envisions himself compelling her to love him forever because deep down that’s all he really wants, but a moment later he snaps to it and realizes that she’s gone and not coming back. He runs into Kenny — who picked up a werewolf babe at the party named Astrid — and he offers to compel Kat out of Aiden’s mind completely to save him from any further pain. Aiden declines and says that this is just the kind of pain he has to live with for a while. It’s a human feeling and something maybe he needs to dwell in especially after his confrontation with Sally.

Last but not least, Nora convinces Josh that the pack may be just what they need right now — friends around who understand what they go through and a group of people they don’t need to hide from any time of the month. Josh is hesitant but he and Nora join them for their monthly turn under the full moon. Any time Josh has been around a pack of wolves, things have gone horribly wrong — something tells me in the long run this will be no exception.

Come back next week for the next episode of ‘Being Human’ when the show returns on Monday night on SyFy at 9pm ET/PT

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