‘Being Human’ Season 4 ‘Gallows Humor’ Recap: Resurrection Groan

Aiden goes through withdrawal, Sally does everything in her power to save Robbie and Josh is becoming more wolf than man…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

As we left our favorite supernatural roommates a week ago, Aiden managed to kill a girl when he “accidentally” drank too much of her blood. Nora dealt with the fallout from Josh sleeping with another woman while he was transformed, and she realizes more now than ever that the wolf is taking over her husband from the inside out. And Sally had to find her brother dead in the basement after someone or something electrocuted him while he was doing repairs on the house.

It Was Isaac

Aiden has to call in the blood brigade courtesy of Kenny’s funeral home to clean up the mess he made of his late night snack pack. Kenny tries as best he can to calm Aiden down, but there’s no going back. Aiden decides instead to seek out Suzanna and try to get back on the path towards a life without blood.

When he arrives, Aiden is a bit too affectionate and smells of blood but he’s still asking for more. So Suzanna gives him a vile to drink, but as it turns out she’s laced it with a drug to render him unconscious. When he awakens, he’s chained to a sink and forced to go through a forcible blood withdrawal period as the life seeps from his body.

Aiden decides to unburden himself during this time and tell Suzanna every person that he’s ever killed in the name of vampirism and the thirst. The list is wickedly long and with each name and story attached to it, Suzanna’s hope of saving her husband from a former life slips further and further away. At the end, however, Suzanna’s heard enough and decides to tell him how she slipped up when she was first turned by Bishop more than 200 years ago.

It was Isaac — their son who she told him died a grandfather when they first reconnected in Boston. Aiden is furious and tragically sad all at the same time and as much as he wants to plunge a wooden stake through Suzanna’s heart, he knows that he’s probably done worse during his years killing and rampaging for more and more blood. The two commiserate with a shared cry session as they let go of the pain and anguish they’ve both been carrying around for centuries.

Robbie’s Resurrection

So Sally’s brother Robbie is dead. Josh takes a look around the basement and immediately deems it to be an accident, although as we saw last week by the mystery saw that just randomly fell from the table after water started leaking closer and closer to touch Robbie that it was no mistake that he’s dead. Regardless, that story gets tucked away in favor of Sally’s mission to resurrect her brother from the dead and the only person that can help her do that is Donna.Being-Human-Episode-4.07-Gallows-Humor-Promotional-Photos-2_595_slogo

Sally ventures back to the death spot where Donna was hanged, and she pulls her through the portal into this world again. Because she did magic, Sally and Donna are then transported back in time to the place where she was killed to begin with after being branded as a witch during the Salem witch trials.

Unfortunately for Donna she was never actually a witch, but there was a coven in town that decides to save her after she’s been executed. The way to bring back a person from the dead that doesn’t involve them eventually getting all human flesh hungry is to sacrifice another person so that the dead can resume living. So there’s the trick Sally’s been waiting for so she can save her brother.

Donna lets her in on another piece of information — this time travel stuff will eventually catch up to her. The more magic she does, the more traveling she engages in, eventually the tether between this world and the past will snap and she will be trapped forever. Sally doesn’t want to hear any of this since she’s got to rush back and save Robbie.

The only problem is once Robbie talks to Donna and realizes that he’s probably better off dead instead of alive, he bolts from the house and passes a message to Sally saying the endless circle has to stop. Sally covers up her brother’s corpse, which is still just chilling down in the basement in case you were curious, and then Donna drops the bomb that she wants to go back to the netherworld and following her exit, the death spot needs to be sealed so she can never return again.

Sally’s a bit heartbroken to lose her new BFF, but as Donna says there’s no way she could stay in this world and not eventually be corrupted by the magic that she hides deep inside her soul. So Sally sends her packing and closes the death hole, but using her power also sends her back in time.

In this world, Sally is back in the old house with herself and Danny living as a married couple. It takes her a while to realize but given enough clues she comes to an awful realization. This is the night she was murdered by Danny and ghost-Sally wants nothing more than to find a way to reach her old self and stop this tragedy from ever happening.

One side note — what happened with Sally’s run in with the creepy ghost she was calling “Lil’ Smokie”? Is that the ghost that killed Robbie? Or did the show runners just forget about that story all together?

More Wolf Than Man

Josh’s transformation into his wolf more and more often has Nora scared, but her fears are only strengthened after the revelation last week that he slept with another woman while on animal time. Nora is struggling hard to keep balance after Josh’s latest incident and it’s clear she’s not handling any of this very well.NUP_157066_0264-600x399

From her tortured ‘what does this world really offer us’ speech when talking to Robbie or her insistence that she needs to get away from all the insanity in the house proves that Nora is not in a good place right now and with Josh slipping away, she’s falling apart.

Late at night after the Robbie situation is over and done, Nora is laying in bed when Josh walks into their room and professes that he can’t sleep. A few words later and he’s kissing his wife and climbing into bed with her despite her quiet pleas that he needs to go. The only problem is as Josh keeps kissing Nora, he’s getting more aggressive and her gentle ‘stops’ turn into shrieks of terror as her husband’s eyes turn yellow and he’s about to commit a horrendous act against her.

In the last moment Josh stops what he’s doing and as she pulls out a silver knife and points it at him, Nora knows her husband, the man she loves, is almost gone entirely. A few minutes later, Nora’s bags are packed and she’s leaving the house. Josh isn’t the same man she married, and as it turns out he’s becoming less and less of a man and more and more of the wolf as each day passes.

Line of the Week:

Surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of zingers on this week’s episode of Being Human but the award goes to Sally as she explains to Robbie what she’s going to go through to bring him back to life. It’s going to be intense.

“It’s more intense than the fact that your sister lives with a pack of wolves and a guy who eat’s guys.” ~ Sally

Come back next week for a new episode of ‘Being Human’ with an event that is supposed to change the course of the show forever.

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