‘Being Human’ Season 4 Rewind, Rewind Recap — The Butterfly Effect

Sally time travels and tries to rebuild her relationship with Aidan and Josh but nothing could possibly go wrong with that, right?

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

There are a few rules of time travel that no one ever seems to learn no matter how many movies, books or TV shows talk about altering the past to make better something that’s supposed to happen in the future.

On last week’s Being Human, Sally’s magic finally trapped her in the past for good and it was in the exact year that her former life ended when her ex-fiance Danny tossed her down a set of steps and she died after bashing her head open on the floor below. Realizing she was about to witness this all over again as a ghost in the past, the one weapon Sally has left is to possess her old body and fight back against Danny — something she wasn’t able to do a few years ago that got her into ghostly form in the first place.

A knee to the groin and a punch to the face later, Danny is eradicated from Sally’s life forever and she’s on her own — alive and well. At the hospital with her friend Bridget (remember her?) to get her wrist checked, Sally sees Nora for the first time and she’s treated by Aidan for her injury. She’s struggling not to just unleash everything she knows about him right then and there but luckily she refrains (for a moment anyhow).

The Best of Times

Sally eventually realizes this new life she’s sprung isn’t the same without Aidan, Josh and Nora surrounding her so she puts a plan in motion to get them all to move in together, while fixing all of the bad things that happened to them once upon a time. She stops Aiden from killing Rebecca (she’s back) after he abandons Bishop, and finds a way to get them to all back in the house as roomies. She also manipulates a way to get Josh and Nora on their first date and after three years of flirting and wild chemistry Sally and Aidan finally hook up!397502_809532625727712_1108982858_n

It’s the happy ending Sally’s always wanted. She has Aidan as a new love of her life while Josh and Nora are drawing closer and closer together. Of course anyone that’s ever heard of the concept of the butterfly effect or chaos theory knows that one small change can cause a ripple effect that can cause widespread changes to everything around it from now until the future.

The Worst of Times

Sally can’t resist telling Josh that he will eventually marry Nora, which gives him the confidence to go after her again, but the it comes to that fateful night where he starts to change and she’s chasing after him. Unfortunately this time Sally is there to intervene, and she shuffles Nora out of the room while she rushes to get Josh into a locked cell before he can shift into full werewolf mode. When he lashes out, his claws dig deep into Sally’s thigh, changing her into a wolf instead of Nora.

As time passes, Josh drifts away from Nora and she ends up with another man. Sally is still living her happy life of love with Aiden, but even that is starting to create problems when her new vampire boy toy wonders what it was like to sleep with her in the future. You see in the future, Sally was a ghost so despite heavy flirtations and innuendos, the two of them never got together and maybe that was a sign they were never supposed to be together. So Sally drops Aidan and tells him they were never meant to be.

While this is happening, Josh finds Ray during one of his changes and the reconnection with his father wolf brings out the animal side the same way it did a few years back. Josh is done with this living situation and he’s leaving. Aidan, meanwhile, spirals out of control and lands back at a blood bank feasting on live girls alongside all of Bishop’s minions just like Sally tried to prevent when she came back in the first place.


Remember back in season one when Ray convinces Josh to get a little payback on the vampires on the eve of their change when the wolf spirit makes them as strong as anyone with fangs? So he gets Josh to help him lay a beat down on a couple of vampires, but because of the shift in the future thanks to Sally, they end up battling Aidan and Marcus instead. Sally tries to stop the fighting, but in the process she gets whacked with a lead pipe and as she falls, her head smacks the pavement, blood pours out of her head and once again she’s shuffling off this mortal coil.

Aidan weeps as Sally says goodbye once again and her best laid plans to fix all of the things that went wrong over the last few years still ends with her dead, Aidan back with the vampires and Josh may never find his way back to Nora.1779079_809534802394161_1015677627_n

If there’s been a recurring theme on Being Human through four seasons it’s that Sally’s plans never seem to work out well for those around her, and this latest scheme not only destroyed the last few years she shared with Aidan, Josh and Nora, but the happiest moments of their lives and now gone forever, too. One has to wonder if the world wouldn’t have been better off with Sally staying a ghost and opening her door so many years ago.

Being Human Line of the Week:

This week there were a few contenders for best line of the week, so let’s count them down:

“Don’t you start with the crown molding! You know that’s my weakness. That’s ugly.” ~ Josh

“I’m the ghost of Christmas suck it!” ~ Sally

But the real winner this week goes to Sally with a little extra knowledge for Josh in his post-wolf phase called the morning after:

Josh: “Hydrogen peroxide — is that for like cuts and scrapes because any cuts and scrapes I endure as a wolf just disappear when I change back”
Sally: “No, it’s for the morning, for your breath. Your wolf definitely eats poop”

Tune into Being Human next week as Sally’s time travel adventures continue — with only five episodes left to go in the entire series, will the roommates find a happy ending or are they destined for misery for all time now?

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