‘Being Human’ Season 4 ‘Too Far, Fast Forward!’ Recap — We Are the Wild Ones

Sally’s plan to ‘fix’ the future continues to rip everyone’s lives apart until she finally tries to get things back to the way they were….

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Sally’s plan to “fix” everything that went wrong once she traveled back in time went horribly wrong last week on ‘Being Human’. While the genesis of the idea worked out brilliantly as she was able to coax Aidan and Josh back together as roommates, then managed to gently massage Nora back into the picture while finding her own love story with Aidan it all started to fall apart.

Nora and Josh didn’t end up together after all, Sally became a werewolf and Aidan went back to his blood drinking way that eventually led to an all out war on the streets with her head bashed in, laying on the pavement convinced that this was the way she was always meant to die.

A Long Way Down

Following her own death (again), Sally watches Aidan team back up with Bishop to help dispose of her body and the wolves responsible for doing it. Aiden viciously murders Ray by jamming his thumbs into the wolf’s eye sockets before tossing him over a railing as he falls to his death. Aidan decides to leave Josh alone because he knows this is an even worse punishment, to sit and wallow in the pain of what he just caused.beinghuman409d

“You’re a monster” ~ Sally to Aidan

Flash-forward a year and we find our roommates in a much different life. Aidan is working at the hospital as a blood gatherer for Bishop, who now runs the entire vampire world because the plague still happened and he’s the only source for a clean supply of the good stuff so vampires can eat and not turn all black and disgusting after dinner. Aidan is able to steal all the blood he needs because he’s keep a secret for the head nurse — Nora — who is now hooked on painkillers after having back surgery some months ago.

Josh is now running a bakery called “The Life of Pie” and Sally is his ever present confidant, trying to convince him to go back and get Nora or at the very least call her psychic friend so she can track down Donna in the past and find a way to get back to her original future.

Throughout the history of this show, Sally has always made it her business to fix everything and it’s apparent more now than ever that she does way more damage than good. Aidan is a puppet for Bishop again, Nora’s an addict and Josh is sitting in a miserable solitude, shut off from the rest of the world.

Climbing Up From the Pit

Eventually a mix up at the blood storage facility leaves Aidan without his weekly supply to hand over to Bishop and it lands him in hot water with the boss. So as payback, Aidan steals Bishop’s personal stock and hands out it to every vampire in need of a drink, with his name dripping from their lips as the only word of gratitude necessary. This action lands Aidan a beat down from Bishop, and it’s clear he’s never going to break free of his father’s iron hand.

At home, Aidan finally runs back into Sally, who brought Josh along with her with a startling revelation (that we already knew but past Aidan doesn’t) — werewolf blood cures the vampire plague. This gives Aidan just what he needs to get rid of Bishop once and for all.

He replaces the blood rations and has a drink with his father but the tainted juice doesn’t affect him at all because he’s already been cured while Bishop isn’t so lucky. The keys to the kingdom have been handed over to Aidan following his poisonous attack to kill the leader of Boston. Bishop is gone (again) and Aidan sits on top of the throne.

I Will Fix You

Sally’s undying quest to make all of this horror end takes her back to Donna’s, where the once evil witch seems like a happy homemaker. Sally reveals who she is and how they are interconnected and begs her to find a way to send her back to the future to erase this horrible world she helped create.beinghuman409b

So Donna complies once Aidan and Josh both agree with the full knowledge that sending them to the future guarantees nothing — in other words they could have both worlds ripped apart and end up in an even worse place than they are right now. Sally wants nothing more than to go back to the way things were with one small change — she wants Aidan to remember the love they shared in this past alternate universe. Finally, all three agree to the plan, and Donna goes to work.

As the spell is cast, Sally pops into the future to see Josh apologizing to Aidan, who in turn snaps his friend’s neck as he crashes to the floor meeting his own demise. Sally screams in horror but seconds later she pops into another future and this one sees a dead body being rolled out of her house and into an awaiting ambulance.

It’s there that she spots Aidan and Josh, both alive and fine, as they reveal that the body was that of her brother, who was dead already in the basement.

The roommates are back together and all seems right with the world, but what about the distant future that Sally encountered on her way back here? Is Aidan really meant to execute Josh?

With only four episodes to go, the final days of Being Human are upon us.

This week there were no standout lines of the week so instead I give you the Being Human song of the week — “We Are the Wild Ones” by Nina

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