Ben Affleck ‘Very Excited’ That Zack Snyder Will See His Vision for ‘Justice League’ Come to Life

Ben Affleck makes his first public comments on the news that the Zack Snyder cut of “Justice League” will be released on HBO Max in 2021…

Ben Affleck was always one of the most vocal supporters for director Zack Snyder to release his cut of “Justice League” and now the former Batman actor will get the chance to see that film along with the rest of the world.

This week it was announced that the #ReleasetheSnyderCut movement paid off with a new version of “Justice League” landing on the HBO Max streaming service sometime in 2021. There has been a huge demand for that version of the film to be released due to Snyder being forced off the project after the tragic passing of his daughter during production.

In his place, Joss Whedon stepped into finish filming “Justice League” but the end product was not well received by critics or audiences.

Now nearly four years after the movie landed in theaters, Snyder will get the opportunity for the world to see what he had planned for “Justice League” before he left production.

“I’m very excited that Zack’s getting a chance to finally see his vision realized,” Affleck said during an appearance on the “Fatman Beyond” podcast with Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin. “I think it’s a great thing. I’m really excited for the fans to get to see it.
“I want to say thank you to the fans because it was their enthusiasm and their passion that made it happen. Without fan support, I don’t think it would have happened. I love Zack and I love his version of the movie and I look forward to everyone getting a chance to see it.”

Affleck worked with Snyder on both “Batman V. Superman” as well as “Justice League” and he’s remained one of the director’s most ardent supporters over the years, especially with so many fans asking for his cut of the movie to be released.

Following the original “Justice League” release, Affleck had started work on a solo Batman project but ultimately decided to give up the cape and cowl and hand over the reins to Matt Reeves, who then cast Robert Pattinson in the lead role.

While it seems unlikely Snyder will ever get to tell the full story for “Justice League” after he originally planned at least two movies, he will at least see his version of the original film on HBO Max sometime next year.

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