Better Call Saul Renewed for Season 3 at AMC

Better Call Saul will be sticking around for another year after the show was renewed for a third season on Tuesday….

Jimmy McGill will eventually break bad and turn into Saul Goodman but he’ll have plenty of time to make it happen.

On Tuesday, AMC announced that Better Call Saul was officially renewed for a third season at the cable network.

Based on characters first seen in the AMC hit series Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul follows the exploits of Walter White’s attorney Saul Goodman long before he was running his practice out of a strip mall set up as he first became an attorney in the state of New Mexico.

Better Call Saul stars Bob Odenkirk in the lead role along with Jonathan Banks, Michael McKean and Rhea Seehorn.

The third season will also run for 10 episodes.

Better Call Saul has been a critical and commercial hit for AMC since the show first aired last year and following an automatic two season renewal when the series first stated, now a third season has been ordered as well.

Better Call Saul airs Monday nights 10pm ET on AMC

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