Bryan Cranston Reveals the Most Emotional Scene He Shot During ‘Breaking Bad’

‘Breaking Bad’ is celebrating its 10 year anniversary since the debut and Bryan Cranston is looking back at his award winning role as Walter White…

It’s hard to believe that ‘Breaking Bad’ debuted 10 years ago but one of the most critically acclaimed series of all time is actually a decade old already.

Just recently, Bryan Cranston sat down to discuss some of his favorite and most iconic moments from ‘Breaking Bad’ and his award winning role playing chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin Walter White.

Amongst the topics discussed was the most emotionally charged scene that Cranston had to shoot over the course of five seasons and there was one particular moment that came roaring up in his mind almost immediately.

During ‘Breaking Bad’ season 2, Jesse gets involved with his landlord’s daughter Jane (played by ‘Jessica Jones’ star Krysten Ritter) and the two become an inseparable couple, much to chagrin of Walt. Over the course of time, Jesse and Jane both fall back into a life of drug addiction on heroin. Jane eventually tries to blackmail Walt into handing over Jesse’s part of the profits from the meth business but he refuses.

Then finally one night, Walt goes to Jesse’s house and finds both of them passed out from the latest dose of heroin. Walt tries to wake Jesse up but ends up turning Jane onto her back where she begins vomiting into her own mouth. Rather than turn her back over to safe her life, Walt stands overtop of her while Jane suffocates and drowns in her own vomit.

“Walt watches Jane die was probably the most difficult scene for me to shoot, emotionally,” Cranston said. “Because, temporarily, I saw the image of my own daughter in her face rise to the surface, take the place of Krysten Ritter, and then just as quickly disappear. But it was just instantaneous, that millisecond was all that it took for me to catch myself.
“Because again, I thought one of the reasons to save this person was because she’s a young woman, she could be my daughter.”

Jane’s death reverberates throughout much of the series in the following seasons as Jesse ends up in a downward spiral after she passes away. Not until the series was almost over did Walt finally come clean to Jesse while taunting him about watching Jane die beside him but rather than save her, he just let her expire.


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