Carnage Expected to Appear in ‘Venom’ Film Starring Tom Hardy

It looks like Tom Hardy will be going up against Carnage in the new ‘Venom’ movie…

There have been a lot of questions about the upcoming ‘Venom’ movie starring Tom Hardy in the lead role as Eddie Brock, who will play the powerful Spider-Man villain who forges a partnership with an alien symbiote to become a powerful creature that’s virtually unstoppable.

While details are still sketchy about Venom’s origin story compared to the comics — and it’s likely the story will take some liberties considering the character’s creation spawned from the Secret Wars story that took place on an alien world — one of the bigger questions has been who exactly will oppose him if Tom Holland’s Spider-Man isn’t expected to play a major role in the movie?

Well it appears that answer will be Venom going up against another dangerous villain named Carnage.

According to a new story from the Hollywood Reporter profiling the upcoming ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ film that partners Sony with Marvel Studios for the first time, it looks like Carnage will play a major role in the upcoming ‘Venom’ movie with a chance that Holland will still make an appearance as the web-slinger himself.

Carnage was a character first created in 1992 as a spinoff from Venom — Cletus Kassady is a serial killer, who goes to prison where he’s housed next to Eddie Brock. Brock is eventually reunited with his alien costume to become Venom and escape captivity, but a piece of the symbiotic outfit is left behind. That piece forges a new partnership with Kassady to become Carnage and he’s ultimately even more dangerous than Venom given the man behind the costume is already a sociopathic murderer. Carnage goes onto battle both Spider-Man and Venom, which may give a clue for how this character will play into the new movie coming out in 2018.

While Venom has traditionally been an antagonist for Spider-Man, the character has undergone transformations over the last few years to become more of an anti-hero in the Marvel Universe. Perhaps this is how the character will develop in the ‘Venom’ movie before going up against Carnage.

For now everything remains speculation as ‘Venom’ gets into production this summer ahead of the 2018 release date from Sony.

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