Chris Evans Confirms He’s Done With Marvel Movies After Avengers 4

Chris Evans will officially be finished playing Captain America after Avengers 4, which is due out in 2019…

Marvel needs a new Captain America.

Chris Evans, who stated playing the Star-Spangled superhero back in 2011 with Captain America: The First Avenger, has now stated that his appearance in the upcoming sequel to Avengers: Infinity War will be his last appearance in a Marvel movie.

Evans has long been rumored to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the upcoming Avengers 4 film, which has already been shot and is set for release in 2019. Evans expects to return for reshoots for Avengers 4 later this year and then that will officially wrap up his career as Captain America.

“You want to get off the train before they push you off,” Evans told the New York Times about his decision to call it a day with Marvel.

There have been rumors and speculation for months that Avengers: Infinity War would serve as the reset for the Marvel Cinematic Universe with several actors’ deals coming to an end with the upcoming sequel in 2019. Among those whose contracts will expire including Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Scarlett Johansson.

Now Evans’ exit doesn’t mean the other actors might not re-up their deals beyond Avengers 4, but it’s clear that Captain America is ready to move onto other endeavors after his final appearance in the 2019 blockbuster.

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