Chris Pine In Talks to Co-Star in ‘Wonder Woman’ Opposite Gal Gadot

‘Star Trek’ star Chris Pine looks to join the upcoming ‘Wonder Woman’ movie starring Gal Gadot in the lead role…

Chris Pine — best known for playing Captain James Kirk in the ‘Star Trek’ reboot and the subsequent sequels — is in talks to joing the upcoming ‘Wonder Woman’ movie starring Gal Gadot.

Pine is expected to play Steve Trevor, who is a one-time flame of Wonder Woman from the comic books.

While details about the film are still under wraps, in the comics Trevor was an intelligence officer whose plane crashed on Paradise Island where he met Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman, who eventually came back to the outside world with him after he was nursed back to health.

The character has undergone numerous changes over the years so it’s hard to tell what direction the movie will go but it appears Trevor will definitely have a major part considering Pine is the person up for the role.

‘Wonder Woman’ is expected to get into production next year after ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ wraps, which Gadot co-stars before taking her own starring vehicle the following year.

‘Wonder Woman’ is set for release in theaters on June 23, 2017.

H/T: Variety

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