Claire Danes Confirms Homeland Will End with Season 8

Claire Danes broke the news on Wednesday that Homeland will come to an end with season 8 on Showtime…

It looks like Homeland is coming to an end.

On Wednesday, actress Claire Danes, who portrays ex-CIA agent Carrie Mathison on the long running Showtime series, told Howard Stern when he asked of season 8 would mark the end of the show.

“That’s it,” Danes revealed when asked if the next season of Homeland would be the last. 

Now Showtime has made no official statement regarding the end of Homeland with season 7 still airing on Showtime right now with two more episodes left to go this season.

It’s been expected for sometime that Homeland would end with season 8, at least with the current cast of actors and actresses working on the show. Danes and fellow lead actor Mandy Patinkin, who plays Saul Berenson on the series, have deals that come to a close after season 8 wraps.

There is a possibility that Homeland could continue with a new cast and new show runners behind the series, but it appears that the current actors and actresses on the show will be exiting after season 8 airs in 2019.

“Really conflicted,” Danes said about the show coming to an end. “I’ll be ready [to move on]. She’s a lot this Carrie-freaking-Mathison. She’s under constant duress. It’s a workout so I’ll be ready for a reprieve from that but I’ve never done anything this [long].”

Homeland was renewed for seasons 7 and 8 ahead of the season 6 premiere with rumors at that time that the show would be wrapping up at the end of that run. Now it appears Homeland really is coming to a close — at least in regards to the current cast of characters.

Homeland airs on Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime.

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