CM Punk to Write ‘Drax the Destroyer’ Series for Marvel

Following his work on a recent ‘Thor’ annual, former pro wrestler turned fighter CM Punk will now take over monthly duties on ‘Drax the Destroyer’ from Marvel Comics…

CM Punk — best known as a former WWE superstar turned UFC hopeful — is continuing his push into the comic book world with a new ongoing series for ‘Drax the Destroyer’ set to debut this Winter.

Drax is one of the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy and on the heels of the huge movie success from the film of the same name last year, Marvel is capitalizing with individual series for all of the characters.

The comic book that Punk will write follows Drax “the intergalactic octagon to the far reaches of outer space”.

Punk will co-write the series with an as of yet unnamed author with plans to debut the series later this year. The artist for the series has not been revealed either although Ed McGuinness will do the cover for the first issue.

Punk teased the series recently when speaking to by saying that just like ‘Thor’ he was not a huge ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ fan originally, but that’s one of the reasons why he loves the idea of doing the series so much.

“The next project coming up is something I never thought about doing,” Punk said. “The fact that they put it in front of me, it’s a challenge to me. It made me go back and do research and try to make it a good story. I like that aspect of it.”

Look for ‘Drax the Destroyer’ in comic book stores from Punk later this year.

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