‘Deadpool 2’ Lands a New Director Following Tim Miller’s Exit

‘Deadpool 2’ has a new director following Tim Miller leaving the project over ‘creative differences’…

The merc with a mouth has found a new director.

David Leitch — best known for his work as co-director on the surprise hit film ‘John Wick’ — has landed the coveted gig to direct ‘Deadpool 2’ starring Ryan Reynolds.

Leitch joins the project after ‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller split from the project over creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds. Rumors surfaced that Miller hoped to up the intensity in ‘Deadpool 2’ with more effects and a grander scale considering the first film pulled in over $780 million at the box office worldwide.

Meanwhile, Reynolds wanted to maintain the same gritty feel that made the original ‘Deadpool’ stand apart from virtually every other superhero film in the market. Ultimately, the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement on the direction for the movie so Miller left the project.

Now Leitch steps in after working on a breakout hit in ‘John Wick’ starring Keanu Reeves. Leitch will serve as an executive producer on the ‘John Wick’ sequel due out next year as he begins preparing to direct ‘Deadpool 2’.

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