Deadpool Movie Will Finally Land in Theaters in 2016

The long talked about Deadpool movie is finally moving forward with a February 12, 2016 release date from 20th Century Fox…

‘The Merc with a Mouth’ aka Deadpool has been a popular character in the Marvel universe for several years and after Ryan Reynolds brought him to life on the big screen in ‘X-Mens Origins: Wolverine’ it seemed like a forgone conclusion that there would eventually be a feature film.

Well, years passed and rumors circled but nothing ever came of it — until now.

20th Century Fox along with Marvel have announced that a Deadpool movie is pushing forward with a 2016 release date set and director Tim Miller set to lead the action/adventure movie. It will be Miller’s directorial debut in a feature film although he’s worked on several shorts previously as well as doing visual effects for the movie ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’.

As of now, Reynolds hasn’t officially signed on to star in the Deadpool movie, but it’s likely that deal will be done in a matter of weeks. There have been no rumors swirling that the studio was looking to cast anyone else in the role and Reynolds has always been the top choice to portray the mutant mercenary since the project first came to fruition.

Deadpool is best known as a wise-cracking mercenary who has often times crossed paths with the X-Men, most notably X-Force where he first came to prominence in the 1990’s.  He’s straddled the line between hero and villain in the comic book world, but it’s likely he’ll be an anti-hero at worst on film. There’s no word if other X-Men characters could potentially crossover into the Deadpool movie, but considering 20th Century Fox owns the rights, anything is possible.

So there you have it folks — Deadpool is finally coming to the big screen!

H/T: The Hollywood Reporter

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