Dimension Loses Rights to Halloween Franchise, Michael Myers Needs a New Home

In a bit of shocking horror news, Dimension has lost the rights to the Halloween franchise and any upcoming sequels planned in the series…

For the last 20 years since Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Dimension has been handling the distribution and rights for the popular horror series Halloween with several sequels produced as well as the remake by Rob Zombie.

Now it appears Michael Myers will need a new home as Dimension has lost the rights to the Halloween franchise just a few months after unveiling plans to do a new sequel tentatively titled Halloween Returns.

As of now there’s no word on where the Halloween franchise will land, but Miramax is rumored to be shopping for potential buyers interested in picking up the horror series for the immediate future.

There are lots of possible suitors, especially with the chance to crossover franchises with another iconic horror character like Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street or Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

Here’s hoping whoever lands Halloween and Michael Myers actually puts some real creativity into the once thriving series because the last couple of sequels have been awful and virtually unwatchable.

Considering the nostalgia that’s carried with a series like Halloween, attaching the right director or writer could be a chance to relaunch the series for fans both old and new. Maybe getting someone involved like David Robert Mitchell (It Follows) or even Cary Fukanaga (True Detective), who was working on a remake of the Stephen King feature It before he left the project.

If a serious writer and director join the Halloween franchise, Michael Myers’ resurrection may actually happen.

H/T: Bloody Disgusting

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