Dwayne Johnson to Star in Film Adaptation of Classic ‘Rampage’ Video Game

Following a string of hits in 2015, Dwayne Johnson has now signed on to star in ‘Rampage’ based on the classic 1980’s video game…

Dwayne Johnson is already the most bankable movie star in Hollywood currently with his roles this year in ‘San Andreas’ and ‘Furious 7’ and it looks like the former pro wrestler has another potential money maker on his hands.

Johnson has signed on to star in the film adaptation of ‘Rampage’ based on the popular 1980’s video game.

For those that don’t remember what ‘Rampage’ was all about — it’s basically like King Kong, Godzilla and a giant Wolfman tearing through a city, destroying buildings and knocking down helicopters.

How that will become a movie is anybody’s guess, but they are developing it at New Line with producer Beau Flynn, who also worked with Johnson ‘San Andreas’.

As of now there’s no director attached although Ryan Engle (Non-Stop) is on board to pen the script.

Now the real question becomes will Johnson be the giant gorilla or the lizard?!?

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