Eric Kripke Reveals Bloody First Look at ‘The Boys’ Season 2

‘The Boys’ is coming back for season 2 on Amazon Prime and showrunner Eric Kripke gave a first look at filming already underway in Toronto…

‘The Boys’ are back in town.

After becoming one of the most watched series in the history of Amazon Prime just two weeks after its release, ‘The Boys’ is already in the midst of filming season 2 in Toronto.

Showrunner Eric Kripke gave a first look at production underway with a bloody good photo with part of the cast including Hughie, Frenchie, Mother’s Milk and the Female.


The last time there was this much blood on ‘The Boys’, it was during season 1 when Hughie literally blew up the superhero Translucent after a pack of C4 was stuffed up his bum in an ingenious plan to kill a man with diamond skin that can’t be penetrated. Hughie took his revenge by exploding the bomb inside Translucent, thus wiping out one of the key members of ‘The Seven’ — the main superhero group put together by Vought Industries meant to save the world and make a lot of money doing it.

The end of season 1 saw Hughie and the rest of the Boys being exposed and then hunted by ‘The Seven’ but he was able to make his escape from A-Train thanks to an assist by his sort-of-girlfriend Starlight, who gave him a helping hand.

Meanwhile you’ll notice the one major cast member missing from this photo is Billy Butcher, who ended the first season of ‘The Boys’ in a fight with Homelander. Rather than killing the former CIA operative, Homelander delivered Billy to a secret off site home where he was reunited with his wife Becca, who he believed to be dead.

Billy was convinced that Homelander had raped his wife and she either killed herself or the supes from Vought exterminated her as a potential witness to their crimes. Instead, Billy is horrified to discover that Becca willingly had sex with Homelander and then had their super-powered child all under the watchful eye of Vought Industries.

Of course, Homelander had no idea that Becca gave birth to their son, which only further complicates this already complicated situation.

‘The Boys’ continues production in Toronto with an expected 2020 release date on Amazon Prime.

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