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Game of Thrones: Kit Harington Says Jon Snow is Dead So ‘Get Used to It’

No one seems to buy that Jon Snow is actually dead on Game of Thrones but Kit Harington is sticking to his story that the character won’t return…

Despite a promo for Game of Thrones season 6 that features Jon Snow prominently, Kit Harington is still doubling down on the fact that his character is dead and not coming back.

Harington has been ringing the same bell ever since Jon Snow was stabbed repeatedly at the end of Game of Thrones season 5 and seemingly left for dead as he bled out into the cold.

Considering Jon Snow’s expected importance to the final days of Game of Thrones, no one really bought that he was going to die and instead believed that a follower of the Lord of Light — say perhaps Lady Melisandre who just happens to be at Castle Black on the night Jon is stabbed — could bring him back to life seeing as they have the power of resurrection.

With Game of Thrones set to debut on April 24, Harington remains steadfast and promises that his character isn’t returning this season although he’s been spotted filming throughout several months on locations with the rest of the cast.

“People didn’t want me to die, but he’s dead,” Harington told Digital Spy. “So there you go, everyone has to get used to it.​”

Harington is currently preparing for a new play that he’s taking part in and says that free time without Game of Thrones has given him the opportunity to take on new and different roles. Obviously, Harington saying that he hasn’t done the show in quite some time is just more proof that he’s not coming back — or it just gives everybody more reason to say that he is.

“I haven’t done Thrones in a while,” Harington said. “I had quite a lot of time off last year. I’ve been taking it easy. And relaxing. When I realised I was doing this, I had a few months to prepare for it, and something like this takes some working through before even getting into the rehearsal room.​”

If by some incredible move, Jon Snow really is dead and Game of Thrones will move forward without everyone’s favorite bastard from Winterfell, Harington promises he’s going to stick with the show until the end. He knows how passionate Game of Thrones fans are about the series and he seems to love it just as much.

“It’s brilliant, the fact that people care about this TV show and what happens to the people they love or hate in it, is a special thing. I’ve got nothing to complain about, put it that way. If they care about it and I get asked about it a lot, it means that people hold it dear to their hearts and it’s doing what it meant to,” Harington said.
“Yeah, absolutely (I’ll watch it). Can’t wait for the next season.​”

Game of Thrones season 6 returns — with or without Jon Snow — on Sunday night April 24.

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