George R.R. Martin Reveals the Full Size Dragon for ‘Game of Thrones’

‘Game of Thrones’ creator George R.R. Martin teased ahead of the season 4 debut of the show that the series may have to close out on a movie because of the production costs involved in creating a full sized dragon and now we know why…

According to ‘Game of Thrones’ creator George RR Martin’s fantasy story, the dragons of Westeros died out hundreds of years ago, but not before the creatures helped the Targaryen family conquer and reign for centuries.

The most feared dragon of all was Belerion the Black Dread, who was ridden by his master Aegon the Conquerer, and described as having teeth as long as swords and jaws big enough to swallow a mammoth whole.

Up till now the only description of the dragons came by way of second hand stories and the skulls of the remains of the last dragons that once sat in the throne room in the Red Keep.

Now Martin has released a sample chapter of his upcoming book ‘The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones’, which serves as a sort of history book/encyclopedia for the entire ‘Game of Thrones’ universe.

The chapter released focuses on Aegon’s conquest (which you can read on Martin’s website), but also features a photo of Aegon riding his dragon, Belerion the Black Dread. The photo as you can see below is scaled to show exactly how big Martin envisions the dragons to be once they mature into adulthood.Aegon_on_Black_Dread_J.Gonzalez-1024x683

So if the dragons that are currently fluttering around Daenerys are only children, imagine how big they will be by the time season seven roles around!

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