‘Green Lantern Corps’ Movie Taps ‘Batman V. Superman’ Writer to Pen Script

DC and Warner Bros. have found the writer who will bring the ‘Green Lantern Corps’ to life on the big screen…

Following a regrettable film version of ‘Green Lantern’ released in 2011 with Ryan Reynolds in the starring role, DC and Warner Bros. are ready to reboot the character with a bigger cast surrounding him this time.

‘Green Lantern Corps’ will relaunch the outer space police force as part of the new DC Extended Universe with the focus on the movie expected to center around Hal Jordan and fellow Lantern John Stewart.

David S. Goyer — who also penned the script for ‘Batman V. Superman’ as well as ‘Man of Steel’ — will write the new ‘Green Lantern Corps’ movie alongside relative unknown Justin Rhodes.

The new ‘Green Lantern Corps’ film is described as ‘Lethal Weapon’ in space based on the origin story created by Goyer before DC and Warner Bros. gave the green light on the project.

In the comics, Hal Jordan is the most famous member of the Green Lantern Corps, who are an interstellar police force tasked with protecting different sectors of the universe, while Stewart is a former Marine sniper and the fourth Green Lantern of Earth alongside Jordan, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner.

There’s no word yet on whether or not Guy Gardner or Kyle Rayner will appear, but considering both are crucial members of the Green Lantern Corps, it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t appear at some point in the DC Extended Universe.

It appears Warner Bros. is moving quickly on developing the ‘Green Lantern Corps’ movie despite the film originally not expected to go into development until 2019 or 2020.

Once Goyer and Rhodes develop the script, then Warner Bros. will move into the casting phase along with finding a director to lead the ‘Green Lantern Corps’ into production.

H/T: Deadline

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