HBO Wants ‘True Detective’ Season 3, Teases Season 2 Ending as Very ‘Satisfying’

HBO is on board to do ‘True Detective’ season 3 if creator Nic Pizzolatto wants to write it plus a tease about the upcoming season 2 finale….

‘True Detective’ season 2 has been met with mixed reactions all season long by viewers and critics after creator Nic Pizzolatto wrote a much different show than the first time around with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson starring.

Season 2 — starring Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch — will move into the final two episodes starting this weekend but the jury is still out on whether or not ‘True Detective’ has been worth it all or will be viewed as a one season wonder (from our perspective, ‘True Detective’ season 2 has been outstanding but just a much different feel that season one).

Despite mixed reactions for the show’s reception, HBO reports that ratings for ‘True Detective’ season 2 have remained strong and steady through the first six episodes and president Michael Lombardo says things will ratchet up even higher for those sticking around for the finale.

“I think he takes a big swing,” Lombardo said. “All I can tell you is I think how the show ends is as satisfying as any show I’ve seen.”

“First of all, I think you need to watch the entirety of it. I think it’s enormously satisfying. I think Nic is a bold storyteller and I mean that only in the most positive ways. I think he takes risks in how he lays out stories and the pacing of stories and I think it pays off.”

Once ‘True Detective’ season 2 wraps up next weekend, HBO hopes to stay in business with Pizzolatto on another year of the cop drama so long as he wants to write it. There is no deal in place yet, but Lombardo is committed 100-percent for a third season of ‘True Detective’ and beyond because he’s a massive fan of the work Pizzolatto does week in and week out.

“Much like all of our shows, I didn’t believe this season or the last season was intended for as big an audience as we were getting. We’re getting 12 million viewers an episode,” Lombardo revealed. “I’m enormously proud of it. If he wanted to do another season, I’ve told him our door is always open. I’d love to do another season with him. I think he’s a spectacular writer.”

Lombardo hopes to keep Pizzolatto busy with ‘True Detective’ and maybe even more work with the network because as long as he wants to be at HBO, they will be happy to have him.

“(Pizzolatto’s writing is) so much bolder and braver and ultimately, for me, satisfying than so much of what I see in film that I would happily be in business for him for a very long time,” Lombardo said.

‘True Detective’ season 2 will wrap up on HBO on Sunday night, August 9.

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  1. ladyelaine
    Aug 01, 2015 - 02:03 AM

    I’m beyond excited to see this through to fruition. I have loved every episode of TD 2.