Heroes Reborn Recap ‘Game Over’: Holding Out for a Hiro

In the Heroes Reborn recap, Noah gets closer to finding an old friend as the heroes’ worlds finally start colliding….

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

It’s been a long few weeks as Heroes Reborn has consistently introduced new characters with vague histories and even more elusive futures rather than make hardly any references to the people we grew to know and love from the previous iteration of the show.

Thankfully, this latest episode saw a marked improvement in a couple of areas — most notably the long awaited arrival of Hiro Nakamura as well as a few of the new ‘heroes’ finally beginning to come together as the mission to save the world starts to take shape.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of Heroes Reborn titled ‘Game Over’…


Noah tortures Harris Prime to give up the location where Renautas and its evil leader Erica Kravin are hiding his old pal Hiro Nakamura. He knows Erica has him hidden away somewhere because Hiro hasn’t appeared anywhere since the events in Odessa on June 13, not to mention she’s currently waving his sword around like she owns it.

At the same time this is happening, Mike and Ren run into a roadblock while exploring the Evernow game in search for her father.

It seems Renautas are the folks in charge of coding the game now with Miko’s father dead and they have been constantly throwing up obstacles to keep her from ever reaching her goal. The more important bit of info revealed, however, is that the real Miko died years ago and this version is just a creation from her father before he passed away as well.

So who is Miko really searching for in the game?

The master of time and space, of course.

So when she converges on the ‘secret palace’ where he’s hidden, she runs into Noah and Quentin, who have broken into the Renautas headquarters (again) this time in the building where they believe Hiro is hidden. While Mike disappears into the game to find out where Hiro has been hidden, Noah discovers that Erica has harvested his power and the magic disappearing trick we saw last week with the machine Renautas created didn’t use Tommy’s teleporting ability but instead it was Hiro’s power manipulating the time-space continuum.

It seems Erica knows this massive disaster is headed for Earth (the magnetic poles are switching and thus the world will be mostly destroyed) so to prepare for it, she’s been teleporting equipment, seeds, supplies and everything necessary to start over again.

Now it’s up to Noah and his new team to stop her, but before Miko can rescue Hiro, Quentin’s sister Phoebe and the rest of the Harris clones show up to stop them.

While Noah fights back and Quentin attempts to save his sister, Miko finds out that her true mission involves freeing the master of time and space, but it will systematically destroy her once she unlocks the door. Remember, she’s not actually real.

(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)


Miko is forced to battle a clone inside the game, but once she’s defeated, her sword is plunged into a door and as she evaporates, Hiro Nakamura is finally free!

Outside in the Renautas headquarters, Quentin attempts to stop his sister, but she ends up killing him instead because Erica has ‘given her purpose’ and she believes it’s part of her duty to see this through even if it means her own brother’s death. Harris also gets the drop on Noah, but just when it looks like he’s going to catch a bullet, the room freezes and out of nowhere Hiro appears.


Hiro saves the day and Noah says now that he’s back, they need to finish what they started a year ago when the Odessa summit was blown to bits and this new agenda against the evos first started. Hiro is scared to travel back in time because he knows the butterfly effect could stop one event, but set off a disastrous chain reaction in other ways.

Noah promises that they are just going back to stop what happened and so the two of them pop back to Odessa, Texas on June 13 one year ago — the time when Claire was still alive and before Mohinder Suresh (allegedly) blew up everyone inside.


Erica’s daughter steals the files from her mother’s computer and sets off on a mission to find her missing boyfriend, who is apparently going to be a father now after she reveals a positive pregnancy test.

Once Taylor arrives at a motel, she loads up her computer and sends a message to a hacktivist group that’s apparently fighting to save all the evos and she informs them that her mother isn’t who she claims to be and her company definitely isn’t doing what is advertised. Erica finds this transmission and erupts to learn that her daughter has truly turned traitor.

Oh and this hacktivist group — this has to be Micah right?


HEROES REBORN -- "Game Over" Episode 106 -- Pictured: (l-r) Gatlin Green as Emily Duval, Robbie Kay as Tommy Clarke -- (Photo by: Roger Do Minh/NBC)

HEROES REBORN — “Game Over” Episode 106 — Pictured: (l-r) Gatlin Green as Emily Duval, Robbie Kay as Tommy Clarke — (Photo by: Roger Do Minh/NBC)


After being told he’s going to help save the world, Tommy zaps back to Emily’s house where they decide to go on a day adventure to Paris because why the hell not.

He teleports them to the Eiffel Tower, but when they try to go up to the top, an evo detector reads the chip implanted inside Tommy’s arm and security won’t allow them to go forward. Tommy zaps them out of there, enraged at the prejudice shown towards him without actually doing anything wrong.

Before they leave the city, Emily takes Tommy to a famous area of Paris where books are sold and there she explains that before evos existed superhero stories were all the rage but now that people with powers are out there, they are the ones who have the real ability to save the world.

She stops just short of saying with great power comes great responsibility.

Anyways in the end, Tommy finds a French version of an old 9th Wonders comic (you know the one Isaac Mendes used to write and draw) and after teleporting them back home, they finally kiss. Apparently, Emily is a cheater because I could have sworn she had a boyfriend like two episodes ago.


Carlos tells a kidnapped Derring that he’s going to take him to where his nephew and the priest are being held or the money he’s collected for turning over evos is lost forever. It seems someone is paying $10,000 a head for evos and that’s been Derring’s motivation for taking people with abilities all along.

When they arrive at the Sunstone facility, Derring tells Carlos that the only way to get inside is with powers and since he has none, they need to switch roles. Derring hands Carlos a vile of liquid and tells him to swallow so when they do the swab at the door, it will read that he’s actually an evo.

Inexplicably, Carlos actually drinks the juice and surprise, surprise, he starts spitting up blood and doubles over in pain as Derring removes the tube from his own nose that’s been sedating him ever since his fellow officers turned on him.


Malina finally gets off the truck she hitched a ride on out of Canada after her mentor was killed by Renautas associates. It’s there she runs into Luke, who solid his business and then burned his house to the ground, in an act of contrition for killing all the people with abilities after his son died.

Luke decides to buy a boat and then fills a backpack with bricks and jumps in the water. Luke apparently needed to OWN the boat so he could jump off and kill himself.

Regardless, Malina quickly whips her powers into action and saves him from drowning and committing suicide.

Out of the water, Luke explains how he lost his way after his son’s death and this was just the best way he thought to handle everything. Malina explains that she’s been tasked to save the world but has no idea how to do it — she then pulls open that mysterious envelope and inside is the picture of the persons he has to find to help her complete her mission.

It’s Tommy!

Luke admits to knowing the boy (after nearly killing him) and says that he’s in Carbondale, Illinois. Now Malina knows her path was destined to cross Luke’s so she could save him and he could save her right back. The two of them hop in a car and start out for Illinois.

Save the dork, save the world!

Heroes Reborn returns with a brand new episode next Thursday night at 8pm ET on NBC.

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