Heroes Reborn Recap ‘The Lion’s Den’: Polar Opposites

In the latest Heroes Reborn recap, Noah presses Erica for answers, Malina is under attack and the threat to the world is finally revealed…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Following the death of Molly Walker a week ago, Noah, Quentin and Taylor are all trying to figure out why she would take her own life while insisting that she didn’t want to be part of six billion people losing their lives.

It’s a looming threat that’s been hanging overhead all season long on Heroes Reborn with almost no answer as to what is about to happen. Unlike season one where Isaac Mendes could paint the future and it was clear that a nuclear explosion was headed for New York, the tease this year has just been the world is coming to an end and a whole bunch of evos will be needed to save it.

The gravity of the situation seems real, but what are the heroes actually saving the world from?

We finally get some answers this week.

Let’s recap the latest episode of Heroes Reborn titled ‘The Lion’s Den’:


With Molly dead, Noah, Quentin and Taylor have to make a quick escape out of Renautas but while weaving through the building, they happen upon a silo where a huge number of seeds are being kept. This kind of a seed bank would only be necessary if the world was going to be wiped out and these would be needed to help re-grow crops while starting over again.

Noah decides that he needs answers and the best way to get them is to have Taylor call her mother to “reconnect” so they can lure her into a trap. While this is happening, Erica is seeing the latest experiment being developed at her company. This one involves a power similar to Tommy’s where an object can be teleported to any place on Earth, except Renautas’ scientists have found a way to harvest the power from an evo and now they can do the same with a machine.

Back at Erica’s house, Taylor makes a tear filled call to her mother asking to talk and saying that she’s sorry about overreacting as a result of finding out her boyfriend was now part of Renautas’ twisted plans. Erica returns home to chat with her daughter, but a few seconds later Noah emerges while holding her at gunpoint.

It seems before the disaster in Odessa, Noah was one of Renautas’ top agents but he had to forget whatever happened on that day a year ago. Erica denies being behind Claire’s death but claims that Hiro Nakamura along with ‘the rest of them’ died at the summit that day in Odessa (the rest of them, I would assume meets Peter Petrelli, Sylar, etc). Just when it looks like Erica is about to reveal what’s really been happening and why Noah chose to forget, Harris shows up with a gun in hand and he foils the home invasion and the interrogation of his boss.


Miko and Ren stake out the Renautas building and it doesn’t take long for Harris and Erica to figure out that this entire Evernow cosplay convention is nothing more than a smokescreen to break into the building.

Erica orders Harris to take her sword back to the house and send another of his clones out after Miko using the EPIC software to see any evos hiding out amongst the costumed masses.

Miko and Ren do a good job to avoid detection, but they don’t get to the sword in time because they see another version of Harris taking the weapon to his SUV where he will deliver it to Erica at her home for protection. Ren does some quick thinking and throws his phone into the truck before Harris drives away and he can track it with GPS on his computer.

Miko and Ren find Harris just as he pulls up to the house and it’s time for her to retrieve the sword!

She jumps through and shatters the glass and guess what party she breaks up? The one where Harris is holding Noah, Quentin and Taylor hostage.

Mike gets the sword, pulls it from the sheathe and disappears into her video game world. Noah and the others get the drop on Harris and Erica before making a speedy getaway. Meanwhile outside, Miko reappears next to Ren and the two of them get ready to venture back into the world of Evernow to find her father.


Carlos returns to the garage to discover his nephew Jose and the priest are missing and with the place torn apart, it doesn’t take him long to figure out the person responsible.

He goes to the police station to deal with Detective Derring — the guy responsible for killing his brother and kidnapping evos who are trying to escape America. Derring is just about to talk to Carlos when he realizes that his fellow officers have just received the new EPIC glasses provided by Renautas. As soon as his cohorts put the glasses on, they spot that Derring is an evo so they tranquilize him and put him into custody.

Before they can take him to whatever evo camp they’ve set up for their prisoners, Carlos shows up as El Vengador, vanquishes the cops and puts Derring in the trunk under orders to tell him where Jose and the priest are at or else.


(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)


Now in Quebec, Malina and Farrah are attempting to meet with a contact who is vital to their survival and eventual mission. But when Malina goes to connect with this person, they never show up. She realizes shortly thereafter that she’s being tracked as she meets back up with Malina.

It turns the people trailing her are Harris and his goons plus Phoebe Frady aka The Shadow and they’ve been sent to retrieve the girl. Farrah tries to slow them down by turning invisible, but the new EPIC glasses don’t protect her and next thing you know she’s been shot.

Malina tries to use her powers, but The Shadow is much stronger and she’s forced to run away to live and fight another day. Farrah dies from the gun shot but before she goes, she hands Malina an envelope and tells her to open it when she really needs answers (like now?!?). Malina escapes on a semi-truck hauling trees out of Quebec as Harris and the others continue their pursuit.


After getting arrested last week, Tommy is bagged and tagged at the station and registered as an evo (complete with a tracking chip). The cop interrogating him wants to know what Tommy’s real name actually is since his mother moves them around so often and they changed their identities with each new location.

Tommy tries to play tough, but when the cop reveals that he’s adopted and his mother isn’t the one who gave birth to him, he can’t resist but to teleport out of there and ask for some answers.

He goes to the hospital to meet with his mother while Casper Abraham (the guy with the pennies) shows up to the police station and speaks to the man who was interrogating Tommy. We assume Casper wiped his memory like he’s done with so many before him to protect Tommy.

When Tommy asks his mother why she never told him he’s adopted, Casper shows up and explains that he’s just been protected for his real job ahead where he’s going to help save the world. His mother also calls him ‘Nathan’ (a Petrelli perhaps?) and Tommy freaks out, zaps himself out of the hospital to parts unknown.


(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

(Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)


Luke returns home to Rochester, New York and the house he once shared with Joanne and their son. He reminisces by going through old videos and photos before realizing what he needs to do next.

Luke calls up his old partner in a dental practice and offers to sell him his half of the business immediately as long as he’s willing to cut a check. Luke apparently gets the money and then proceeds to burn his house to the ground while his new mission to ‘atone’ for the past begins.


(Photo by: John Medland/NBC)

(Photo by: John Medland/NBC)


Back at Erica’s house, Noah, Quentin and her daughter Taylor escape thanks to Miko’s quick intrusion to steal back her sword.

Erica is called into Renautas where the same scientist who invented the teleporting machine tells his boss that the ‘event’ is coming much sooner than they expected and impact could happen in the next week.

It seems the Earth’s magnetic poles are flipping (an event that actually does take place in reality) but it’s happening much sooner than expected and when it does the entire planet will be susceptible to high doses of solar flares and a giant fireball will essentially wipe out 96-percent of the population in the world. This is the reason why Erica is preparing for an extinction level event and looking to use the powers of the evos to help her do it.

Tune into the next episode of Heroes Reborn on Thursday night at 8pm ET on NBC!

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