Heroes Reborn Will Not Return for a Second Season

All along Heroes Reborn was a limited event series but now the nail is officially in the coffin and the show won’t return for a second season …

Heroes Reborn will officially come to an end with the final two episodes and that will bring another chapter of this saga to an end after NBC closed the door on a second season for the show on Wednesday.

While Heroes Reborn was always set up as a limited event series, just about anyone and everyone knew that if ratings were good and the show had good critical reception that there was always a chance for another season.

Well neither of those happened and now Heroes Reborn will come to an end and the one time hit sensation will once again fade into the ether.

“As far as I know there are no more incarnations of Heroes coming,” NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said on Thursday.

He also stated that there was never any plan to do another season unless creator Tim Kring suddenly decided he had another Heroes Reborn story to tell.

Heroes Reborn was an ambitious reboot but largely fell flat on its face in terms of plot development, character building and overall story and it seems this once great show really is headed for the TV series graveyard.

H/T: TVLine

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