First Look: ‘Homeland’ Season 6 Trailer: Carrie Lands in NYC (VIDEO)

Take a look at the first footage from ‘Homeland’ season 6 as the show shifts to New York City…

Following a season abroad in Germany, ‘Homeland’ will return to the United States for season 6 with Carrie Mathison facing a brand new threat in New York City.

At the end of season 5, Carrie thwarted the terrorists who attempted to release deadly sarin gas in a subway station, but she wasn’t in time to stop her partner and friend Quinn from taking a dose himself.

Quinn was left with permanent brain damage and season 5 ended with Carrie entering his room as if she intended to end his life, but obviously we won’t know the answer to that question until season 6 begins.

Meanwhile, Saul wanted Carrie back at the CIA while her boss Otto During made a much different — and more personal — overture towards her at the end of the season as well.

Here’s the ‘Homeland’ season 6 synopsis from Showtime:

“Several months after she thwarted a terrorist attack in Berlin, Carrie Mathison is living in New York where she’s begun working to provide aid to Muslims living in the U.S.”

Take a look at the first footage for ‘Homeland’ season 6 ahead of the season debut on January 15, 2017 on Showtime. The song in the trailer is a cover of the Phil Collins song “In The Air Tonight” by Tamer.

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