Homeland Season 6 Will Be Set in New York But What About Quinn?

Homeland will be headed back to the United States with season 6 now set to take place in New York but what about everyone’s favorite bad ass Peter Quinn?

Homeland season 5 wrapped up just a few short weeks ago after Carrie Matheson spent nearly the entire run in Germany trying to expose a CIA mole who not only threatened to hurt the agency but put a direct target on her back.

Now with Homeland season 6 picking up production later this year for a fall arrival on Showtime, the wheels are already turning for a new plot and it appears the show will shift back to the United States after a year abroad.

Homeland season 6 will be filmed and based in New York City — a first time location for the series. Showtime Networks CEO David Nevins not only confirmed the location but also said the entire season will be set domestically.

The other big question that’s still looming overhead from Homeland season 5 is the fate of CIA agent Peter Quinn (played by Rupert Friend).


Peter was nearly killed by a dose of Sarin gas and ended up on life support with no promise that he would ever regain consciousness, much less live a similar life to what he once led before he ingested the deadly chemicals. Season 5 ended rather ominously with a hint that Carrie may have put an end to Quinn’s suffering as he requested by making her his medical proxy.

Obviously, Showtime execs weren’t going to spoil any potential news for season 6 by letting Quinn’s fate out of the bag, but there were hints that he still might return next season although he’ll never be the same again if he does.

“In terms of its reality, Quinn is severely damaged,” Showtime programming chief Gary Levine said. “The life-or-death question remains, but if he should live, it will not be — in any way, shape or form — the way he has lived to date.”

It will be interesting to see how the show potentially moves forward without Quinn as Carrie begins to pick up the pieces of her life after nearly getting killed in Germany while also being propositioned to become her former boss’ wife in the weirdest proposal we’ve ever seen.

Homeland season 6 will debut in the fall on Showtime.

H/T: TV Line

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