‘House of Cards’ Final Season Trailer Arrives, Debut Date Announced (VIDEO)

The final season of ‘House of Cards’ will arrive soon with Claire Underwood attempting to prove she’s worthy of the presidency…

The final season of ‘House of Cards’ will arrive on Netflix on November 2 — just days before the midterm elections in the United States — as the show pushes out a final slate of episodes in the wake of Kevin Spacey’s exit from the series.

When ‘House of Cards’ returns, Claire Underwood is now the president and her husband Francis has died. Presumably the situation that led to his death will be explained but it appears Claire is running into the same kinds of problems that haunted her husband’s presidency as well.

A familiar cast of characters will surround the new President Underwood in the final episodes of ‘House of Cards’.

Take a look at the trailer and get ready for the final season on Nov. 2.

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