Hugh Jackman Releases ‘Wolverine 3’ Title; Details About Plot Revealed

Hugh Jackman has revealed the title for ‘Wolverine 3’, which will be his final time playing the iconic X-Men character….

‘Wolverine 3’ is officially ‘Logan’.

That’s the title to the upcoming sequel starring Hugh Jackman, that will bring to an end his time playing the iconic X-Men character after first debuting as Wolverine in 200o film ‘X-Men’.

Jackman revealed the title on Twitter on Wednesday.

Director James Mangold, who is directing ‘Logan’ after his work on the original sequel ‘The Wolverine’ also sent out a clearer picture of the image that teases the new movie coming out on March 3, 2017.

Following the release of the title of the movie and the teaser image, more information about ‘Logan’ was revealed by The Wrap including several story details about the upcoming movie. Be warned, there are potential spoilers here —

‘Logan’ takes place in 2024 with a much more older Wolverine, which confirms previous rumors that this film would be loosely based on the popular comic book miniseries ‘Old Man Logan’.

In this version of the story, Logan drinks a lot and his powers aren’t what they used to be. His healing factor works slowly and sometimes not at all. Mutant births are in decline and the children who are born are being turned into killing machines thanks to a government program called “transigen”. Logan ends up meeting and caring for one of these mutant children — a girl who has claws just like him but only has two instead of the three he has on his hands. Logan is also helping to care for Professor Xavier, who is much, much older and struggles to use his powers these days much less remember who Wolverine is most of the time.

Now of course, these details haven’t been revealed by the studio but with the movie in post production, it appears this story will be the one told when ‘Logan’ lands in theaters in 2017.

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