‘IT: Chapter Two’ Features Bloodiest Scene in Horror Movie History

Expect an even bloodier ride when ‘IT: Chapter Two’ arrives in September after details about a new scene from the upcoming sequel was revealed on Wednesday…

There was little doubt that director Andy Muschietti was going to raise the bar even higher for ‘IT: Chapter Two’, which concludes the story he started with ‘IT: Chapter One’.

The new film reunites the Loser’s Club 27 years after defeating Pennywise the Clown when they discover that the murderous entity has resurfaced in their hometown of Derry, Maine and staying true to their pledge, they return to face him one more time.

A new trailer for ‘IT: Chapter Two’ will arrive on Thursday but ahead of that footage it was revealed during an interview on the Conan O’Brien show on Wednesday that actress Jessica Chastain was involved in the bloodiest scene in horror movie history.

According to Chastain — who plays a grown up Beverly Marsh — she was dunked in 4,500 gallons of fake blood for one particularly brutal scene and afterwards she was informed that it was the most blood ever used in a film.

Obviously details about the scene itself were kept under wraps but Chastain promises that she did not shy away from getting bloody during shooting and she paid for that decision by finding the sticky red stuff all over her for hours after the shoot was finished.

Chastain had previously teased the bloodiest scene in history but only now are we hearing the exact amount of fake blood that was used during filming of ‘IT: Chapter Two’.

Stay tuned for Wednesday morning when the new trailer for ‘IT: Chapter Two’ arrives.

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