‘IT’ Director Andy Muschietti in Early Talks to Take Over ‘The Flash’ Film at Warner Bros.

The long gestating ‘Flash’ movie apparently has another director targeted, this time it’s horror favorite Andy Muschietti fresh off of ‘IT: Chapter Two’…

‘The Flash’ may be the fastest man alive but the process to make the movie happen at DC and Warner Bros. has been slower than ever.

Numerous stutter stops have prevented the movie from ever getting on track despite Ezra Miller signing on to play the title role as Barry Allen/The Flash several years ago. Now it appears Andy Muschietti is the latest director being approached to helm ‘The Flash’ with early talks ongoing to have him join the franchise.

Muschietti is best known from his work in the horror genre including ‘Mama’ and directing both ‘IT’ and the upcoming ‘IT: Chapter Two’, which was also distributed by Warner Bros. as part of the New Line Cinema label.

While an official offer has not been made, Warner Bros. is reportedly targeting Muschietti as the person they want to lead ‘The Flash’ film after numerous directors and writers have signed onto the project only to watch it fall apart before ever even getting close to production.

The latest version of ‘The Flash’ will reportedly be written by Christina Hodson, who also wrote the upcoming ‘Birds of Prey’ movie for DC and Warner Bros.

It would certainly be a huge land for Warner Bros. to not only keep Muschietti in the family for his next film but considering the success he found adapting Stephen King’s ‘IT’, putting him in charge of a troubled superhero movie seems like a good way to make some magic happen.

Again as of now this is still very much in the preliminary phase but DC and Warner Bros. certainly appear interested and all signs point to Muschietti open to the idea of taking a stab at a superhero franchise like ‘The Flash.

Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops.

H/T: The Hollywood Reporter

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