‘IT’ Director Wants to Make a Six-Plus Hour Supercut of ‘Chapter One’ and ‘Chapter Two’ in the Future

‘IT’ director Andy Muschietti would love to eventually release a supercut of both his films together that would run over six hours in length…

Andy Muschietti was forced to leave a lot on the cutting room floor after editing ‘IT: Chapter One” and ‘IT: Chapter Two’, which lands in theaters on September 6, which is why he’s dreaming of releasing a massive version of both films together one day in the future.

As he promotes the upcoming ‘IT: Chapter Two’, which clocks in at 2 hours and 49 minutes, Muschietti admits that there was a lot he was forced to cut after the original edit of the movie was over four hours long.

In addition, Muschietti had a lot of leftover footage from ‘IT: Chapter One’ that didn’t make the final cut either, which is why he would love to see a ‘supercut’ released in the future that would combine both movies along with the extra scenes that weren’t featured in either film. In addition to that, Muschietti even has ideas about filming new material with the cast that didn’t even get into production.

“I am thinking of a supercut,” Muschietti told Cinema Blend. “Which is basically the two movies told one after the other, adding everything that was lifted from them for length purposes. Great scenes that are more character moments, or things that we had to lift for other reasons. I’m also very excited about shooting extra material. It would probably be around six hours and a half.
“This is only an expression of desire, of course. The supercut is something that is not yet out as an idea. We have to talk about it. But I definitely want to make a supercut with material that nobody has seen because it was lifted from Chapter Two. But also new stuff, new material.”

The original ‘IT’ novel by Stephen King was over 1,100 pages, which meant a lot of the story he originally told had to be cut out of the miniseries made back in 1990 as well as the two-chapter saga directed by Muschietti.

‘IT: Chapter Two’ is expected to shatter horror movie records when it is released in September so it seems entirely possible that New Line Cinema could entertain the idea of eventually releasing a ‘supercut’ of both films or at the very least offer that option in some kind of future Blu-Ray set with both movies.

‘IT: Chapter Two’ will be released nationwide on Friday, September 6.

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