James Olsen Will Become Famous DC Comics Vigilante on ‘Supergirl’

James Olsen wants to get into the hero business as he takes up the moniker of a famous DC vigilante on ‘Supergirl’…

James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) is tired of standing on the sidelines and taking photos as the action unfolds around him on ‘Supergirl’ so he’s going to do something about it.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed on Tuesday that during ‘Supergirl’ season 2, James Olsen will become ‘The Guardian’.

“These next few episodes are going to make him realize that being a photographer is not enough for him, so he’s going to go on a pretty exciting career trajectory that we’re really pumped by,” Kreisberg said.
“James is going to decide that he can no longer sit back and be a sidekick, so he’s going to decide to become a vigilante and he’s going to become Guardian — complete with the shield — which is going to cause a massive problem in his relationship with Kara because he has decided not to tell her.”

For those not familiar with the character —

The Guardian was a moniker first adapted by police officer Jim Harper in Metropolis after he saw so many crimes going unpunished by the courts so he decides to take matters into his own hands. In a later adaptation of the story, Project Cadmus (recognizable to ‘Supergirl’ viewers), made a clone of Harper and turned him into a much stronger, super powered version of the Guardian. There have been several new versions since that time but the character has been re-invented again and again.


Now James Olsen will take up the moniker of The Guardian but he’s not going to tell Kara about it, which will cause a further rift in their already fragile relationship. Meanwhile, Winn, who now works at the DEO, will help James as he attempts to become National City’s newest hero.

‘Supergirl’ airs Monday nights at 8pm ET on the CW

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